Written by rosalind renshaw

A homelessness charity has warned there are not enough properties for young single people when their housing benefits are cut next January.

Crisis said many of the 88,000 25 to 34-year-olds could become homeless if the change goes ahead.

Currently, people in this age group can claim enough housing benefit to live in private rental flats. From the start of next year, the benefit will be cut and claimants will have to live in shared rental accommodation.

Crisis surveyed 343 housing professionals, and 72% said there was not enough shared accommodation available in their local area.

The survey also warned that more tenancies break down in shared properties.

Leslie Morphy, chief executive of Crisis, said: “This survey backs Crisis’ view that the changes simply won’t work. Landlords won’t accept lower rent payments.

“People aged 25 to 34 will be forced to move out of their homes into shared accommodation that is often unsuitable for their needs or which doesn’t exist. The Government says it wants to protect vulnerable people and tackle street homelessness. Yet if it doesn’t rethink this regulation now, we risk turning the clock back years on rough sleeping.