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Faster payments make happier landlords

19 January 2024 3173 Views
Faster payments make happier landlords

Let's be honest – landlords are the lifeblood of any letting agency. Winning and keeping their business keeps the wheels turning and the doors open. But are your banking practices doing justice to this vital relationship?

In the world of a regular letting agent, banking your rental payments and properly processing them can feel like a stressful monthly jigsaw puzzle. CRMs, bank file imports and exports, constantly logging in to different platforms and double-checking online client accounts to make sure those crucial payments have gone through – it's a lot to juggle. At any given moment, one of those pieces can slip through the cracks, leaving you with a less-than-perfect picture. The real headache? It's the lack of information and endless payment inquiries that can tie up your team and worry your clients.

But there is a better way

Enter PayProp – your game-changer. With PayProp, your rental payment process begins and ends on one easy-to-use platform, allowing end-to-end payment processing and communications in just a few clicks on the day the rent is paid and cleared. That's right, no need for you or your landlords to wait until the end of the month. And the best part? Your landlords will automatically receive slick e-mailed statements, professionally branded with your logo, as well as speedy payment notifications via text the moment they are paid.

But that's not all. With PayProp, landlords can check payment status, download historical statements, and stay in the loop, all from the comfort of their own phone or other device. It doesn't matter if your team is sipping coffee in the office or soaking up the sun on a well-deserved break – PayProp has you covered.

Why does this matter?

Well, informed and happy landlords mean a smoother operation for you. Your agency can now pay out faster than the competition – and your team? They'll have more time on their hands to focus on what really matters – expanding your business and bringing in more landlords.

In a nutshell, faster payments aren't just about money; they're about happier landlords who get paid sooner, a growing business, and getting a clear edge over the competition. With PayProp, you're not just processing payments faster; you're shaping a brighter, more efficient, stress-free future for your agency.

What are you waiting for?

To power your payments with PayProp’s award-winning platform, book a consultation with one of our payment experts today!

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