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Guarantee blue skies! Bad weather doesn’t mean bad photos when you use Doctor Photo

02 February 2017 5259 Views
Guarantee blue skies! Bad weather doesn’t mean bad photos when you use Doctor Photo

Annoying isn’t it. You take on a stunning property, agree a compelling asking price and your Vendor is desperate to get the house on the market. So, what’s stopping you? The British weather!

It’s a dilemma. Do you take a dreary photo, with grey skies, frost or rain and risk showing the house in a less-than appealing light with dark shadows and poor exposure? If you do, you risk damaging the value of the property (which can be affected by up to 12% by its photos), or even worse, damaging your own brand and risk eroding the quality perception of your services.  If you decide to wait until better weather, you could have missed the perfect purchaser!

“With www.doctor-photo.co.uk you don’t have to make that decision. Hurrah for technology!”

  • Our Facelift Service costs from £1 and we can turn your images around in 2 hours if you choose our fast-track service.

  • This February, we’re even offering consumers the chance to try us with 10 FREE FACELIFTS. No obligation, no contract, just the chance to get back awesome photos.

With each Facelift we’ll add a blue sky, correct colours, sharpen, correct exposure, reduce shadows and remove distortion - all in the name of helping your properties stand out on property portals and grabbing the attention of potential purchasers.

Before                                                        After

See more examples here

Frost on the lawn? Puddles? MASSIVE snowman in the background? No problem! We also offer a Digital Surgery service that can remove objects and visually enhance the property back to being frost-free, dry and free of MASSIVE snowmen. Oh, and we can remove cars, bins, washing lines, tampolines and add planned extensions or even leaves to a tree – you just have to ask!

Before                                                                  After

Before                                         After


For Digital Surgery, prices start from £2.90 for small edits such as removing an agents board.

For Facelifts, prices start from £1 with volume discounts

We’re on a mission to transform property photography and we really hope you’ll join us. To find out more and take advantage of our February Trial offer of 10 FREE FACELIFTS, visit www.doctor-photo.co.uk, or call us on 01483 474737.

You can also email the Founder & Director directly at johndurrant@doctor-photo.co.uk

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