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Drone technology – a game changer for property marketing

15 September 2021 52414 Views
Drone technology – a game changer for property marketing

Drone technology has come on a long way in recent years, with different use cases across various industries. New developments in hardware combined with changes to legislation have increased the scope for Estate Agents to include drone footage as part of their property marketing offering.

Vendors and Buyers are driving the demand for viewing properties virtually, as an alternative to initial physical inspections. This growing trend is expected to be part and parcel to property marketing, rather than a ‘nice to have’ and is naturally ramping up the pressure on Agents to be able to ‘digitally’ showcase properties at their very best.

This shift has been significant in the past couple of years, as we see more Agents offering virtual viewings, utilising technology such as virtual tours and video. Drone footage is an obvious companion to complete the full 360° visual experience and is fast becoming an integral element when listing a property.

Integrating drone footage into property marketing is a great way to show the scale of a property and its relation to the surrounding area. Drone footage can be a mixture of still imagery or video, capturing a property from varying angles and heights, providing unique perspectives not possible with ground level photography. It presents the opportunity to highlight impressive features, such as sprawling gardens, swimming pools, or beautiful surroundings. Drones also provide an up to date birds-eye view of a property, taking into consideration property alterations and extensions not always shown on the most recent google maps satellite imagery.

Drone technology – a game changer for property marketing Drone technology – a game changer for property marketing

With so many drones on the market, it’s important to use a service provider with drone experience and who possess the necessary qualifications and licensing, whilst also understanding the complex no-fly-zones to ensure the drone imagery is created safely and legally.

Here at CoreLogic we’ve done extensive research and testing to find the best drones specifically suited for property marketing. We’ve trained and equipped most of our photographer network across the UK with new drone technology, capable of producing 4K HDR Photography and high-resolution Video. Our clients can rest assured that we operate in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Drone Legislation and all our drone photographers are qualified to fly.

If you would like to know about more about our new drone service, please get in touch salesUK@corelogic.com or visit us here.

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