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Here's how Atomic Consultancy can help buy or sell a lettings or estate agency business

01 December 2022 9309 Views
Here's how Atomic Consultancy can help buy or sell a lettings or estate agency business

Lucy Noonan, founder of Atomic Consultancy, reviews how partnering with Atomic can help property and lettings companies buy or sell their business.

The problem is complexity

Atomic Consultancy was created to solve a specific and growing need in the property sector. In this dynamic, ever-evolving market, merger and acquisition activity is growing at an exponential rate. Whilst clearly a lucrative and viable option for many businesses in this sector, buying or selling any business is a mammoth task, hemmed in by rules, regulations, and pitfalls. Our customers are often staggered by the complexity of the sales and acquisition journeys, including unexpected issues that arise, expressing gratitude that they have us on board to guide them through to completion.

We deliver project management services to suit each client’s business and budget, from negotiating Heads of Terms to navigating the complex due diligence and legal processes. We also offer full integration support, ensuring clients maximise post-synergy EBITDA, TUPE, staffing, data migration, contract management, communication, and much more.

The solution is experience

I have 20 years’ experience in lettings and estate agency, working with industry-leading names such as Belvoir, LSL, Hunters, and The Lomond Group. Prior to forming Atomic, I was responsible for M&A activity for some of the biggest names in the industry and now bring this wealth of experience to my growing customer base.

“Atomic conducted themselves brilliantly, fighting our corner at every stage and guiding us throughout. Things get really complicated once negotiations are over and the deal is underway, and I was more than happy to have Atomic advising me.” Richard Goodwin at Patrick Williams Estate Agents.

A personalised, bespoke service

We approach every client as a unique entity going through a unique process, creating a tailored but concise strategy based upon the needs and goals of the client and informed by many years of sales and acquisition experience. We remain convinced that an off-the-shelf process is insufficient for the task – we prefer to get hands-on, making adjustments in real time and working out any niggles in person.

The nuts and bolts of the sales process

Atomic has a ten-stage process that covers every aspect of the sales journey. Starting with a deep dive into a client’s business, we provide an accurate appraisal of its value and create a bespoke marketing strategy and campaign, including brand and messaging. Using our enviable industry network, we then target potential buyers and mobilise suppliers, providing introductions to solicitors and accountants, ensuring clients mobilise the right team.

We manage the sales pipeline, reviewing leads and acting as a conduit between clients and any potential buyer. We also manage the relationship between clients and the buyer, facilitating communication, legal guidance, and due diligence. We identify, manage, and mitigate key risks, and oversea the Legal Purchase Agreement, ensuring clients and their businesses have the right amount of protection.

Towards the end of the process, we support clients by ensuring their teams are well-looked-after throughout the acquisition process. We make sure a smooth handover is in place and prepare a full integration plan, making it as seamless as the sale. In short, we cover the end-to-end process from valuing a client’s business and sourcing the best buyer, to completion, integration, and beyond.

An acquisition solution for buyers

All buyers need to do is present us with a business they are interested in purchasing, at which point we take the reins. Drawing on our expertise, we value the business accurately, structure an offer, and look after every aspect of the deal through to completion and beyond.

We support clients throughout negotiations, due diligence, the legal process, and financial stages to ensure their investment is fully capitalised and completion is successfully achieved. Incorporated into this service is relationship management, seller support, risk and issue management, savings and uplifts, supporting our clients’ people, and seamless integration planning. Once the purchase is complete, we offer a post-completion support service to help clients tie up the many loose ends associated with purchasing a business and integrating it into their existing structure.

Readying clients for a lucrative exit

We offer an exit strategy consultancy service to lettings and estate agency businesses looking to sell. This means providing a 12-month consultancy retainer aimed at getting your business ready for sale. We’ll support you by looking at your income, business structure, staffing, contracts, and other important factors to ensure your business is in the best possible shape for sale. Think of it as preparing your house for sale – before an interested buyer comes looking, you make sure it’s at its best!

We’re proud of who we are and what we deliver for our clients

We’re proud to have supported over 200 business through the acquisitions process, making the process as pain-free and lucrative as possible, and with over 3,500 buyers already registered with us, we have a ready-made pipeline of prospects we can contact in total confidence. Atomic Consultancy partners with businesses from the beginning to the end of the sales, acquisition, and growth process to simplify these complex journeys and make them seamless and successful.

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