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Interview of Tim Wright
Written by the Letting Agent Today team
60: Second Interview with Tim Wright at KeyAGENT

Q: What does it say on your business card?

Tim Wright, Product Director, KeyAGENT

Q: What does KeyAGENT do?


We’re a team of multi-award winning property marketing suppliers to thousands of estate agent branches across the UK. We focus on helping agents maximise their brand with great marketing and save them as much time as possible, so they can focus on what they should be doing: selling and letting houses.

Professional photography and floor plans are our specialities, and we’re also leading the way in Virtual Reality for the property market, as well as developing game-changing PropTech solutions for agents like PropertyBOX, our floor plan and photo enhancing app.

Q: How long has KeyAGENT been trading?

I founded KeyAGENT with Rolf Groenewold and Tom Claridge in 2010.

Q: What’s new at KeyAGENT?

We launched PropertyBOX to a limited number of users in October 2016 and it went exceptionally well. We’ve been working with those users for the last nine months to fine-tune the user experience and have used all that feedback to launch version 2.0 of the app.

Right now, we’re inviting 200 agents to join us on PropertyBOX. They’re going to get unlimited free floor plans and photo enhancements.

Q: Why should agents use PropertyBOX?

It’s a solution for agents who’re spending unnecessary time editing photos and drawing floor plans when they feel they should be getting on with the other parts of their job. We’re on a mission to make every property listing in the UK more beautiful and effective, so we developed PropertyBOX to give all agents an accessible way to do this.

We find the people who have most success with PropertyBOX are agents who really want to put extra care into having consistently professional-looking listings.

One of our early clients, the team at Thornley Groves, has adopted PropertyBOX on 100% of its listings. Their Rightmove stats have shot up as a result – they’ve seen a 15-20% increase in average detailed views per property per day since enhancing their photos and floor plans with PropertyBOX.

Q: What are its unique selling points?

PropertyBOX is the first all-in-one solution for floor plans and photography across all properties. We’re focused on helping agents enhancing their whole agency’s brand, not just making specific individual listings look better. Because of this, a solution that gives them the ability to offer clients floor plans and enhanced photography on all listings is an essential part of this goal.

We’ve been working with thousands of agents for years, and understand the pressures to get properties marketed on the same day and looking amazing. That’s why we made quick, 3 hour turnaround times a crucial part of the PropertyBOX Premium solution.

The main focus is to allow agents to maximise their marketing by hardly lifting a finger (beyond a drag and drop of some files!)

Q: What agents do you work with and have they seen the difference PropertyBOX can make?

Right now, we’re working with over 100 agents who have trialled the pilot of PropertyBOX since October 2016.

I’ve already mentioned Thornley Groves’ impressive Rightmove successes since they used PropertyBOX. As well as that, we’ve been working with the agents at Thomas Morris, who also use the app on 100% of their properties. They said they were so impressed when they heard about PropertyBOX that they decided to test run it with a really difficult photo – it had a huge sun glare on it, which made the photo unusable.

After PropertyBOX worked the PropTech magic on it, the photo was in a usable state and the property, which had been lying dormant on Rightmove for 5 weeks, sold within three days.

Q: How do you create value for your clients?

The property market is diverse, and our products reflect that. By offering PropertyBOX as a ‘Software as a service’ platform, alongside our network of over 700 photographers, we’re able to help agents when they’re in a squeeze with any type of property marketing challenge.

We always start with the end goal in mind: even if that end goal is getting a professional photographer to turn up on the same day an agent has won a listing, or do advanced editing (such as removing cars from driveways). If that’s what needs to be done, our team will work tirelessly until the agent’s happy.

Q: What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Hearing agents say we’ve built a solution that saves them time and has a tangible impact on their business; whether that’s more leads or more activity on their existing properties on Rightmove.  

Q: Are you offering any special promotions at the moment?

Yes! Letting agents who want to improve their floor plans and photos should sign up to be one of the agents who get PropertyBOX Premium for free. Agents can sign up here.


From a personal perspective:

House or apartment? House

City or countryside? Countryside

Modern and stylish or period and original? Modern and stylish

Rent or buy? Buy

Kirstie Allsopp, Phil Spencer or Kevin McCloud? Kevin McCloud


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