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Inventory clerks urge caution on allowing tenants to decorate homes

Tenants should not be coerced into paying higher rents to redecorate their landlords’ property according to the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks.

A recent survey by Endsleigh Insurance found that 43 per cent of tenants would be happy to pay more rent- up to £150 a year - if their landlord allowed them to put a personal stamp on their property. 

But the AIIC says describes tenants paying extra to be able to decorate as a ‘strange concept' that could lead to further problems down the line. Potential consequences could include a poor standard of work, unsightly colour schemes and damage to the property.


Instead, the AIIC says that tenants who want to decorate should contact their landlord and if both parties can agree on specific details, the tenant should proceed.

This way, both sides of the rental partnership are kept happy and the tenant isn't left having to fork out extra money for something that will cost them in the first instance.

“Of course landlords want their tenants to feel at home and by being handed some creative licence, tenants will be encouraged to stay for longer. The ideal scenario is for tenants to get their landlord's permission and then agree and confirm what work is going to take place” says Pat Barber, chair of the AIIC. 

She says redecoration also highlights the vital role of an independently compiled property inventory.

“A detailed inventory will provide tenants with a thorough description of the property’s condition, complete with photographs. It will set out in black and white the condition the property is expected to be returned to at the end of the tenancy and could well reduce the chances of a subsequent deposit dispute between landlords and tenants” she says.

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    In our experience a tenant who wants to decorate is a person who will really take pride of the property/his home and enhance its appeal. We often recommend to Landlords to keep the new wall colour or wallpaper especially if done professionally and in good taste.


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