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Wanted: one tenant, must be over 90...

David Alexander, managing director of the letting agency DJ Alexander, has come across some unusual requests in over 30 years doing business in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

But he has never come across an age-specific demand for a tenant - until now. 

One of his established landlord clients, an elderly lady, has asked him to let a flat in Edinburgh – with the requirement that the tenant be at least 90 years of age.


His client had purchased the flat some years ago, with the intention of letting it before taking occupation on reaching a certain age.

Recently the flat became vacant and when asked the reason behind her wish for a tenant of 90-plus years, the landlord replied: “Well, I’m getting on myself so it would not be appropriate to let to someone who will probably still be alive when I want to move in a few years from now.”

Like all good letting agents, David wants to do everything he can to satisfy his client - but he’s not setting a minimum age in his advertisements for the property.

“Obviously the lady thought it best to let to someone who, on balance, would die or have to go into a care home while still a tenant. However her heart was in the right place because she did not want a situation to arise whereby her moving into the flat meant giving notice to quit to some other elderly person” explains David.

“While we will always try to do our best to accede to a request from our landlord, this was one was just a step too far” he says.

DJ Alexander is now marketing the property for rent on behalf of the client – but has not stipulated a minimum age, other than that set by the deed of conditions relating to the development.

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    They want a tenant who's at least 90, so he/she would probably die soon... Isn't it too much?


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