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Campaign starts to extend carbon monoxide alarm regulations

Millions of people remain at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning despite the recent legislation aimed at protecting private tenants, a new campaign claims. 

The Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed! campaign claims it is a loophole in the law which means agents and landlords in England do not have to fit a CO alarm in properties equipped with gas appliances. The legislation only covers wood burners and other solid fuel appliances.

The campaign is now calling on the government to take action to extend the legislation to cover all private rental sector tenants.

Carbon monoxide can kill you without any warning. It has no colour, taste or smell – meaning it is impossible to detect without an alarm. Even at levels that don’t kill, carbon monoxide can cause lasting damage to your health. In England and Wales, around 40 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year and thousands more need hospital treatment. An audible carbon monoxide alarm is the only way to protect yourself and your family” according to Lawrence Slade, a campaign spokesman. 

The organisation says that as carbon monoxide has no smell, colour or taste, installing an audible alarm that sounds when the gas is present is the only way to ensure protection. Without an audible alarm, carbon monoxide can seep through the wall of a neighbouring property and cause harmful long term health effects, and if undetected, even death the campaign claims.

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    Here's a suggestion.

    How about tenants take responsibility for their own health and safety.

    Landlords currently have to do a Gas Safety Certificate each year for the tenants benefit. How many owner occupiers have a Gas Safety Certificate done? What next? Legislation that the landlord needs to come round every time the tenants need to boil a kettle to ensure the poor things don't burn themselves!

  • Kristjan Byfield

    Properties are so safe now there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. Gas applainces are already under heavy Gas Safe regs. Id be interested to know how many CO incidents happen in owner-occupied homes (where, as we all know, you do NOT have to get the safety of your appliances tested- ever) and how many, in fact, happen in rented homes. Maybe the government need to think of regulating gas in private homes rather than over-regulating our industry. I would much rather welcome firm legislation on electrical matters rather than the current 'recommendations'- lets make it law that all appliances must be tested at elast every 5 years and installartion every 10.

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    How many people have died from carbon monoxide from a combi boiler ?


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