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Tenants increasingly keen on living in school catchment areas claims agency

A lettings agency says that tenants' increasing enthusiasm for living within key school catchment areas is a sign of how the private rental sector is changing.

Propertyletbyus, in a survey of 500 landlords earlier this month, says some 70 per cent of tenants say they want to live in the catchment area of a good school and in some cases are prepared to pay a premium to do so.

The agency's managing director, Jane Morris, says that the caricature of the private lettings sector being dominated by single people means many landlords or even agents may be unaware that properties to let are in key catchment areas. 

“It’s long been clear, that many parents will do whatever it takes to get the best education for their child, even if it means lying about where they live, or relocating, so they can be close to a good school" says Morris.

“We have worked with some landlords that were unaware that their properties were in catchment for good local schools and we have been able to secure higher rents and longer tenancies for them. The school league tables can change each year, so it is worth landlords keeping an eye on the performance of schools in their area.”

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    Now this has come about because schools in many cases take children initially in the 'catchment' area (I thought agents were not allowed to quote catchment area?). So this is another 'statement of the bleeding obvious' as mentioned by John Cleese.

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    Schools are far from equal. I live in a village where we have both good primary and secondary schools. House prices have been pushed up by a remarkable level. Thankfully I was able to give up on the property ladder many years ago.

    If I may offer an observation? If an agent is this thick, "many landlords or even agents may be unaware that properties to let are in key catchment areas" then you would be well advised to find a more reliable agent. A landlord may may be more worried about getting a good tenant and someone who wants to get good schooling for their children would be more likely to fit the bill.


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