Short let platform says agents could help break into student market

A short-let platform says overseas students may be a new market sector for agents who handle Airbnb-style bookings on behalf of owners, as well as for landlords directly marketing their properties for short lets.

Until recently short-lets were considered most appropriate for tourists or occasional business travellers but with more owners now appearing to consider short-lets for their properties - as well as landlords seeing greater returns than possible on some longer-term lets - platforms are looking for new markets such as overseas students.

“Most international students tend to rent on a short term basis due to exchange semesters or internships, and are more likely to pay for their stay up front” claims a statement from Housing Anywhere, an international website specialising in student lets.

Initially a platform exclusively for incoming and outgoing exchange students to sub-let their rooms on a short term basis, Housing Anywhere has now extended its service to landlords.

Unlike many such platforms that advocate merely direct marketing by home owners, the site gives a fair say to letting agencies saying they will be able to handle advertising, marketing and contacts with prospective tenants, and may well have useful existing relationships with local universities.