Letting agents told of '10 easy ways' to grow their businesses

Agency software company Eurolink says there are ’10 easy ways for letting agents to grow their businesses’ - with most of the ideas coming from clients themselves.

The firm’s managing director, Nigel Poole, told this week’s ARLA conference that a roundtable at the company’s HQ - consisting mostly of clients - came up with the list:

1 - Review your cost base;

2 - Appraise your staff;

3 - Sharpen your negotiation techniques;

4 - Review your fees;

5 - Review your business objectives;

6 - Create new revenue streams;

7 - Upskill;

8 - Mine your data;

9 - Talk to your software provider;

10 - Sell yourself.

Poole told ARLA delegates: “We debated a range of opportunities at the fingertips of agents with the right mind-set to take advantage of them. It was a fascinating event, which examined the possible impact of the government’s proposed ban on letting fees and how agents could plug the shortfall, which ranges from £85,000 to over £1m of income per year across our client base.”

He continues: “I was incredibly impressed with agents’ frankness and willingness to admit that there was room for improvement in their business strategies, be that through a review of their cost base or by examining the extent to which they and their teams are operating to the best of their abilities.”


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