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He's at it again - now buy to let multi-millionaire evicts single mothers

Newspapers in Kent are reporting that controversial buy to let multi-millionaire Fergus Wilson has evicted four single mothers from his properties - and has tried to blame the local council.

Wilson, widely regarded as the country's wealthiest buy to let investor, is no newcomer to controversy.

Last year he made provocative remarks, widely reported as racist, about some tenants leaving ‘curry smells’ in his properties. 


Again last year, he was reported to be complaining that some To Let boards on his properties had been vandalised, with messages accusing him of racism.

Some 18 months ago it was revealed that he had sent his letting agents an 11-point list of people who should be banned from taking up tenancies in his properties.

In 2015 he admitted raising some rents by as much as 33 per cent, blaming the then-Chancellor George Osborne for the increases.

Now Wilson, who with his wife owns hundreds of properties in Ashford and Maidstone in Kent, is reported to be evicting four single mothers with newborn children.

He has also vowed to do the same to any single women who fall pregnant while living at one of his properties.

He says that under Ashford council rules, he would be fined if he failed to fix faulty heating systems within four days in homes where a baby lives - so he isn’t taking the risk.

Wilson has told the Kentish Express: “I just can't risk something going wrong and not being able to get a plumber there in time - have you ever tried to get a plumber, there's a national shortage?”

Now Wilson has written to the council saying: “It is heart-breaking to terminate the contracts, but we cannot recruit staff and service the tenants. The council has brought this decision on itself. …

“If there was a problem with hot water then we cannot get a gas safety engineer in under four days - the council requires the work be done ‘immediately'. We know we will not be able to comply with that expectation so [I] have brought these tenancies to an end.”

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    Good for him 100% agree with and operate in similar fashion. No single mums on benefits no constant curry making tenants. Works well. No arrears No awful smelling properties No voids. Happy mortgage company.


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