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Figures prove vast majority of private tenants satisfied with their homes

A large majority of private sector tenants, 84 per cent, are satisfied with their housing according to the English Housing Survey report for 2016/17, just published. 

When it comes to social housing, the figure is a slightly lower 81 per cent.

The data has come out of an analysis of the survey undertaken by the Residential Landlords Association, which says that, in addition, 72 per cent of private sector tenants are satisfied with the way that their agent or landlord carries out repairs or maintenance, compared to 66 per cent who said the same in the social rented sector.

“Whilst we should never be complacent, these results confound the myths that some have peddled about the private rented sector. It shows once again that the vast majority of private sector landlords do a good job and look after their properties and tenants properly” says David Smith, RLA policy director.

He adds: “The government should recognise this and ensure policy supports the vast majority of landlords who are individuals to continue providing the good quality homes to rent we need whilst improving enforcement to root out the criminals who have no place in the market.”

  • James B

    No surprise. But even if it were 99% positive government would still use the 1% to hit every landlord
    #landlordbashing for generation rent votes

  • icon

    The PRS has beenconsistently higher than social for some years, but still the idiots in charge think we’re the ‘problem’. I had a 10-yr tenant tell me yesterday that my house was ‘beautiful’ and that she ‘didn’t know what she’d do without me’.

    Ha! Be buying, presumably?!?!?!

  • icon
    • 16 July 2018 09:19 AM

    Statistics are used daily by the haters to demonise the PRS eg 17% of landlords force tenants to live in sub standard accomm etc etc. We need to be recognised and supported for housing some 15-20 million people more successfully than any other rental accommodation provider. And we’ve done this in spite of years of attacks, draconian and costly legislation and of course S24, being taxed on our mortgage interest payments. This has seen over 40000 people lose their rented homes as landlords leave the market so far and this year a projected 130000 more as govt figures announce. We PRS landlords know this madness will result in vastly higher numbers leaving and families will be needlessly evicted as a direct result of government and left wing (shelter and generation rent) interference in the PRS whom they should instead be supporting, teaming with and applauding. Fat chance.


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