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More industry backing for 'landmark' review of rental sector

The National Landlords Association is the latest trade body to back what is being described as a landmark review of the private rented sector in England by academics at the University of York.

Yesterday we reported that the Residential Landlords’ Association had given broad backing to measures to eradicate criminal landlords from the sector; now the NLA, which contributed to the report, has spoken in favour of its proposals.

The report, called The Evolving Private Rented Sector, is a follow-up to a 2008 report by the same authors. 


The latest findings call the private rental sector “confused and contradictory” and “failing at multiple levels” with tenants and landlords alike unsure of their rights and responsibilities.

It says many homes are in a poor condition with bad management rather than old housing stock as the root cause.

The report also says Build to Rent and other policies apparently aimed at improving the sector are increasingly focused on helping higher and middle-income renters with little or no help for those on low incomes.

The NLA welcomes the review and in a statement on its website says it believes the sector would benefit from a more strategic approach from government. 

“Everyone calls for ‘evidence-based policy’ but too often we have policy-based evidence. This report clearly states to case for better understanding of landlords, their motivations and their business plans, recognising that neither landlords nor tenants are a homogenous group” says NLA chief executive Richard Lambert. 

“Understanding the customer is vital to ensure that private rented sector meets the needs of tenants and it’s essential that landlords develop a stronger consumer focus. At the same time, it’s important to recognise that the overwhelming majority of tenancies pass successfully for both landlords and tenants, and policy interventions to address those that don’t must be strategic and targeted.”


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