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Council gives advance rent to landlords backing homelessness scheme

Private landlords are to be given a month’s rent upfront and 12 months’ membership of a trade body if they sign up to a local council’s new scheme to combat homelessness.

The scheme, run by Stroud council, is similar in principle to others that exist - the landlord agrees that the council lets their property to a homeless or vulnerable tenant in return for a guaranteed rent, and the pledge that the property will be returned to the landlord in the same condition at the end of the tenancy.

However, what is different is the upfront rent pledge and the free 12 month membership of the National Landlords Association. 


“We helped 52 households find private rented accommodation last year, with a 90% success rate” says council spokesman Phil Bishop.

A member of the council’s housing advice team will carry out regular tenancy checks, and property inspections if requested.

One residential landlord whose tenant was arranged by Stroud council is cited by the authority as saying: “The scheme works so well because it provides support to the landlord as well as the tenant. The communication from my caseworker is nothing short of amazing.”

The council says there is a severe and growing shortage of council and housing association homes in the district with 3,663 households registered on the council’s housing waiting list. 

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    'A member of the council’s housing advice team will carry out regular tenancy checks, and property inspections if requested.'
    Well I would have thought it should be mandatory for the regular checks to be carried out in order to protect both the councils position and the landlords property. All very well waiting for the tenant to vacate and then what, spend thousands putting right what should have been spotted long before? That is why good managing agents carry out regular inspection visits.

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    • 24 September 2019 15:48 PM

    Are councils divorced from reality?
    Are they not aware of what the Labour Party has announced will be their policy if they attain power?
    No LL will be engaging with any of these council schemes.
    They will be selling off properties not letting them out to scroungers who could achieve a RTB.
    These councils are completely disconnected from reality.

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    Several years ago I entered into a similar agreement with Manchester City Council. I was left with many tenants with serious drug/alcohol/mental issues and the Council were absolutely no help. Staff shortage so did not help whatsoever. I ended up serving over half with notice for damages, issues with neighbors, threats to my staff when inspecting and many who stayed after the initial tenancy fell into arrears. They had another scheme which worked better. The Council rented the property for 3 or 5 years then handed it back as found. That works...


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