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PropTech: New camera allows super-fast inventory photography

Industry suppliuer Inventory Hive has a launched a new 360-degree camera and app which it says means inspectors can drastically reduce their time in a property.

Working with Insta360, the camera allows property companies to capture the entire contents and general overview of a room in one snap, rather than taking several standard general overview photos.  

This means property inspectors can take a combination of standard and 360° photos through the Inventory Hive app, allowing them to leave the property quickly, then navigate the room later from their desktop browser to complete the details. 


It allows adjudicators to get a better perspective of the room and identify dispute issues in location context. They can then zoom-in and navigate the room via desktop, tablet or mobile. It also captures the entire room in one picture for robust ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison. 

The 360° images can also be converted into virtual tours, making them deal purpose for reporting and marketing.

Steve Harriott, chief executive of the Tenancy Deposit Service, endorses the product and says:“360° images are useful in showing the adjudicator the general layout and presentation of a room. They supplement the written word well and allow an adjudicator to look at the size of a room and the detail within. Our system allows an adjudicator to access 360° images and therefore rely upon them during an adjudication.”  

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    This says it all to me; "allowing them to leave the property quickly, then navigate the room later from their desktop browser to complete the details."

    This means they're going to miss important details - a loose door handle, a scratched dining table... Photos and 360s are great for supporting, not primary evidence. A goal to leave a property quickly is never going to result in an effective inventory....


    Hi Olaf,

    Thanks for the reply. I am an inventory clerk and have recently started using 360 images though I don't use Inventory Hive as my software provider.

    You are right that the aim of the software shouldn't be to go through properties more quickly. The written word is still key to inventories and everything needs to be checked in person rather than written remotely.

    The 360 camera is very useful though and is a real addition to my reports and therefore my customers. But it is an addition that clerks needs to use correctly for the benefit of their clients, not themselves.

  • Richard Abbots

    Hi Olaf,

    We never advocate or suggest that 360° images replace the need for standard photos, or written descriptions. We're partnered with the TDS and our platform creates extremely robust reports and we've pioneered the paperless feedback process, for it to be transparent and allow tenants/residents to comment on all items with mandatory accompanying photos.

    It's without question that 360° photos are fantastic for showing the location of items (eg smoke alarms), decor and the like. 360°s are more immersive than standard photos and much quicker to create than video - the latter being notoriously troublesome/painful in deposit disputes.

    When we demo and train the users of our platform, we explain they can take standard snaps of issues and 360°s, then leave the property to compile the details later-on.

    I hope you didn't find our marketing comment misleading, because we're definitely not just about a smash and grab property visit...


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