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Multiple prosecutions as council names and shames rogues

A council has prosecuted five private landlords who failed to get licences for the properties they let out.

Oldham council says its part of a campaign to “flush out rogue landlords.”

The landlords, who failed to sign up to its Selective Licensing scheme, were:


- Liam Coates of Oldham fined £490, with £300 costs and a £49 victim surcharge; 

- Kauser Parveen of Oldham fined £495, with £450 costs and a £49 victim surcharge;

- Michael John Coates of Grotton fined £490, with £300 costs and a £49 victim surcharge; 

- Yasmin Walayat of Oldham fined £600, with £400 costs and a £60 victim surcharge;

- Amjid Munir of Oldham fined £600, with £400 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

On the same day Mohammed Shahidul Islam Ali, of Oldham, didn’t attend court and pleaded guilty by post to breaching the terms of his licence. 

He was fined £80, with costs of £525 and a victim surcharge of £30. 

“The private rented sector in Oldham needs to improve and we will take action against landlords who think the law doesn’t apply to them” says a spokesman for the council.

“Rented homes need to be of a good standard otherwise they can have a terrible impact on the health and welfare of tenants and the wider community.

“But tenants also need to act responsibly and showing respect for their neighbours.”

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    If you consider the £ 7 K Civil Penalties Council's are handing out, just because the Govt allowed them to recoup funds by making Landlords fund their enforcement ( instead of Central Government ! ) then where's the Justice ?

  • icon
    • 06 February 2020 01:31 AM

    I don't see why a massive fee that these Councils charge makes a LL a rogue.
    If Councils charged £100 per property every 5 years I reckon most LL would register.

    There is NO justification for charging such fees.
    The Selective Licencing Scheme should NOT be self financing.
    That is what Council Tax is for.
    £100 per property is more than enough.
    But we LL all know the very large fees are to fill Council coffers.
    Councils know that such large fees are NOT electorally damaging as no voter would object to LL being hit for any charges.
    Councils therefore know they can screw LL for any amount they like.
    It is no surprise that many LL are not registering for these iniquitous and expensive Selective Licensing schemes.

    Why not just introduce a National LL Licensing scheme to be administered by Councils?
    £100 per rental property.
    Then a true level playing field and every LL would be able to afford to licence.
    But for those LL who find Selective Licensing costs untenable then they could well sell up.
    A registration process for LL is an acceptable concept.
    The costs of this is completely UNACCEPTABLE.
    A driving licence doesn't cost hundreds of pounds every 5 years.
    Why should a LL licence!?


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