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This agency’s doing just fine… really it is… Would I Lie To You?

Strutt and Parker is an agency that’s got long-standing team spirit and that shows in how different areas have been working hard to keep their staff morale high. 

Here’s what they have to say:

Sarah Parsons, Strutt & Parker Morpeth Estates and Farm Agency: “We have had three ‘Friday Fizz Quizzes’ - does exactly what it says on the tin. At 4:30pm every Friday, we do a quiz via Zoom, with a non-compulsory dress up theme (one week it was hats, the next patterned shirts). We do a quiz, most with a refreshment in hand, and often someone has a small child on their knee.


"One of my colleagues baked 50 scones with her two-year old daughter earlier in the week and left them on my doorstep one evening! We have had a 30th and a 40th birthday this past weekend gone and sent cards with the promise that drinks are on ice for when we return." 


Sophia Rogers, negotiator at Strutt & Parker Suffolk: “I used to be a personal trainer so have been doing twice-weekly workouts via Zoom for every to keep up morale, teamwork and energy! (Plus it’s nice to see them suffer a little!) When it’s someone’s birthday, we all record a message and collate it into a video for a video birthday e-card which has been great fun. We have a virtual quiz every Friday afternoon at 4:30pm, sometimes themed, always fun - drinks optional, fancy head dress compulsory!”


Simon Backhouse, director at Strutt & Parker Canterbury, adds: "We’ve been doing weekly quizzes on a Friday, with me as quizmaster and one of the Land Management team keeping score. Props are often involved, usually as a form of headdress - so far I’ve worn a colander and a DIY mortarboard. We’ve been keeping up our local knowledge including a round focusing on Canterbury, where I donned a cycle helmet and took the team on a ‘virtual cycle’ round the city. 

"There’s about 12 of us in total including Land Management, National Estate Agency, and Development. We’ve been playing our own version of BBC’s ‘Would I Lie to You’ which has been great fun. This often involves last minute ‘Truth’ or ‘Lie’ cards being hurriedly drawn and leads to some hilarious revelations. It’s important to keep these things up, especially on people’s birthdays. 

“Forty minutes of cheer is all it takes to boost morale, and we’re already preparing for next week’s scavenger hunt.”

Meanwhile Strutt & Parker’s Edinburgh and Perth offices have held a virtual 'guess the toddlers and teenagers' quiz, partly to bring everyone together for a Friday night catch-up and partly to welcome a new member of staff. All involved provided a collection of baby, toddler and teenager photos.

This agency’s doing just fine… really it is… Would I Lie To You?

Separately, the Edinburgh office also held a virtual bake-off last month. Yum-yumbo!

This agency’s doing just fine… really it is… Would I Lie To You?

Thanks so much to everyone at the agency who kindly sent through their activities. Stay safe!

** Estate Agent Today and Letting Agent Today are this Bank Holiday weekend running stories about how the industry is coping with lockdown, seven weeks on. Normal news stories resume on Monday but for the moment, please check both sites to see how different agencies and suppliers are keeping up morale. **


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