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Shelter expects evictions “deluge” but wants public cash

The chief executive of campaigning charity Shelter says she is expecting a “deluge” of cases when the eviction ban ends, but claims her organisation is hard up.

In an opinion piece in the i newspaper - entitled ‘The Government relies on the work of charities like Shelter, so why hasn’t it done enough to help us?’ - Polly Neate says: “At Shelter, we are bracing ourselves for a deluge of people needing our support, the likes of which we have never seen. Meanwhile, our resources continue to shrink.”

Neate writes in the article of “cancelled fundraising events, closed charity shops and months of keeping our dedicated face-to-face fundraisers off the streets. Every day that our shops stayed shut was another £28,000 in income gone. The missed opportunities to recruit new donors, who guarantee the sustainability of our life-changing work, will be felt for years.”


But she goes on to admit that in comparison to many other charities, Shelter is well placed: “We have both reserves and determined fundraisers who will throw the kitchen sink at ensuring our survival” she says.

Wikipedia, in a league table of payments to chief executives of charitable organisations taken from the organisations’ own annual reports, claims that in 2017 Neate received £122,500 a year - actually the second lowest of the annual salaries of 19 major charities quoted.

She goes on to write: “The government should remember it relies on charities too, and not only to provide essential services. At Shelter, for example, our teams are continually called upon for evidence and advice on policy, legislation and guidance. There are plenty of others like us.

“The financial help offered to businesses has been broad, and it’s important the government replicates this approach for charities."

  • jeremy clarke

    Shelter running out of money? Oh dear, never mind couldn't happen to a nice lot, you reap what you sow polly, now you know how agents and landlords feel as a result of the vindictive campaign against them.

  • Paul Singleton

    It must be difficult to run a business effectively when part of your revenues are cut, drastically reducing your ability to be as effective as you were.............Oh hang on a minute....

  • icon
    • 24 July 2020 08:12 AM

    Perhaps things might be easier for tenants if Shelter stopped supporting S24 which is forcing LL to sell up!

  • icon

    Thanks LAT, you've cheered me up no end!

    I wonder what Polly is paying herself now. Perhaps she should take a cut in order to help the 'charity' she heads up.


    Correct, after all, charity begins at HOME.

    See what I did there.

  • icon

    I was pleased to read on the internet that Shelter is now prepared to act as guarantor for Benefit tenants, a move which gives the charity much needed credence.

    • 24 July 2020 10:24 AM

    If they do it won't take long before they are bankrupt!!

    Jon Wilson

    Fake news perchance?


    David, did you then wake up to find it was but a dream?

    If they ever did act as Guarantors, I bet there would be so many excklusion clauses that their bank balance would never be at risk. Remember: Shelter's Funds Matter!


    I had heard they are planning on doing this too, David.

  • Barry X

    "‘The Government relies on the work of charities like Shelter...."

    No it doesn't! It relies on the work done by agents and landlords in the PRS while at the same time screwing them (us) and driving them (us) out of business!

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Has anyone done the Math ?
    Shelter's own disclosed Finances show they make a profit of 7 pence in the pound through their 'charity shops ' ( Yes, you read correctly, " 7 pence " )
    So how much are their shops turning over to loose £28 k a day ?
    me thinks this is another Shelter - Diane Abbott collaboration gone wrong.

  • icon

    What utter tripe from Neate - as usual! A £60m a year charity, that already gets £15m from taxpayers ‘doesn’t have enough’?! I’ll tell you what Polly, maybe we could get homeless charities taxed on their turnover and see how much you’ve got left then!!!

  • icon
    • 24 July 2020 21:52 PM

    Taxing Turnover!
    Now there is a dysfunctional business model.

    What sane person or organisation would ever suggest or even support such a weird concept!?


    I think his name was Gideon Osborne.

    Wait! You said sane person. I withdraw my comment.

  • girish mehta

    Shows the mind set , and the causes they are supporting. get a grant by the government, find a cause to maintain their ego and inflated causes, spread misinformation , fake reports and after running out of money go the government for support not only for them but also their members anyone who believed in their lies.
    Stop the grants and let them survive on their own, there are too many advisers helping the poor. yet we still have people going to food bank and children going hungry in a country which is the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world!!!!
    let this organisation go to wall and diver the money to other causes.
    Sheter and the tanents they support are freeloaders and will target anyone who the victimise to scrounge from them


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