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Rent Controls at heart of Shelter’s General Election manifesto

Shelter has published what it calls a General Election manifesto with rent controls at its heart.

Called The Way Home: a manifesto to rebuild our broken housing system, it is a four-point plan for “ending the housing emergency, outlining what people across England and the housing sector are demanding from our country’s next government.”

Each point has several aspects.


In a contribution to social housing trade publication Inside Housing, Shelter chief executive Polly Neate writes: “The emergency we now find ourselves in is not inevitable. We can and must do better. Taken together, this programme for the next government can comprehensively shift the approach and bring security and affordability to the nation’s homes.”

The first of the four points is “to provide people with safe, secure and affordable homes, political parties across the spectrum must commit to building 90,000 social homes a year for the next 10 years.”

Secondly “with private rents continuing to rise while wages stagnate, we must have a plan to prevent people from being trapped in a cycle of financial hardship. We need to make private renting affordable.  

“This means regulating how much landlords can hike rents within a tenancy each year, to protect people from the stress and instability of huge rent increases. Alongside this, adequate housing benefit is key to protect people from homelessness.”

Thirdly “to stop people’s homes making them sick, we need better management, robust regulation and proper enforcement standards for rented homes. Alongside the implementation of the Social Housing (Regulation) Act, there must be investment in social homes to improve conditions for social renters. And for the private rented sector, local authorities need stronger powers to hold rogue landlords to account.”

And the fourth and final point is stronger and clearer housing rights which Neate  says are “integral to tackling homelessness and allowing people to understand where and how to find the support they need for their housing situation to address problems before they escalate. Alongside this, we must give everyone at risk of street homelessness a legal right to suitable emergency accommodation and adequate support.”

Neate says: “Politicians must now be ready to respond. This emergency will not solve itself. But it has a solution, and those who experience the worst of it know what the answer is. At the next election the nation is demanding – and expecting – leaders to deliver change to end the housing emergency. Anything less is a commitment to further suffering.”

  • Fed Up Landlord

    Give it a rest Polly. You and Gen Rant have increased rents by at least 30% due to your incessant lefty marxist anti- landlord whining and wingeing. We've all had enough and we're off.

  • icon

    Shelter is not an elected organisation and therefore does not have the right to issue an election manifesto. The power that they have been given by this government has gone to their heads.

  • Simon Shinerock

    Rent controls don’t create more homes but less as they reduce demand and as we have seen lead to young people being forced to buy small flats they can’t sell in a bad market, trapping them for years. Shelter is pedalling a shameless socialist agenda with no real concern for renters in the real world

  • icon

    Just look what happened in Scotland

    Barry X

    Absolutely right @Peter,and other even more dramatic examples like Berlin which, sadly, the likes of Neate probably know nothing whatsoever about and would anyone totaly ignore, deny or lyingly explain away if they did.

  • icon

    If Shelter is issuing a manifesto as if they are a political party, then surely the Charity Commission must investigate their charitable status.

    Barry X

    You're of course right @AL.... Shelter make their money, ie raise funds by being nothing but a virtue-signaling political lobbying group working relentlessly to teach the Tories how to be back-door socialists.

    It's been years - about two decades or more - since they strayed from their original aim of helping genuinely (not politically defined) homeless people and these days they definitely do the opposite, ie contribute to & exacerbate homelessness without giving a monkey's since understanding and tackling genuine homelessness is utterly irrelevant to them because they've long known it's not where the money is.

  • icon

    “The best way to destroy a city, other than bombing. is rent controls.” Assar Lindbeck, Swedish economist

  • icon

    Shelter the charity (business ) that houses no one. Polly takes £122,500 from the generous souls that donate not only their money but their time. She is not fit for purpose with this policy. All it’s going to do is reduce supply and put people on the streets. All this genius for 10 grand a month. Marvellous!


    No, she is fit for the purpose of getting money coming in to the 'charity'. By lobbying to bring in all of these things, she will be creating a situation where housing and homelessness is a huge issue, and Shelter will be there to clean up!

    But from the point of view of combating homelessness and improving the PRS, you're right!


    @ Adrian, I am so glad you said she TAKES, since I don’t believe she earns a penny.

    Barry X

    I agreed with you at first @AH and "liked" your post, then "unliked" it after reading @CL's reply to you because I liked her's even more!

    See my reply above to @AL.

    We're all in agreement though.... Shelter & it's over paid rabble-rouser Neate is nothing but a greedy, cynical, self-serving lobbyist group living off and thriving from emotional deception and ignorance.


    @Barry X. You've been far too soft with your assessment of her!

    Barry X

    haha... thank you @JMcK



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