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Anti-agent campaigners brand eviction ban extension ‘inadequate’

Acorn, a prominent campaign group targeting letting agency offices for protests, says the latest eviction ban extension doesn't go far enough.

While on the one hand tweeting that the ban - announced by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick yesterday - was “a victory for organised renters everywhere” it also described it as “inadequate.”

Acorn says: “We need an end to the loopholes that are putting people at risk of eviction, an end to Section 21 evictions, and the government needs to tackle the rent crisis right now.”


And it adds: “Only an organised working class can make sure that happens.”

Generation Rent, led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy, has expressed similar sentiments, and also wants taxpayers’ funds used to help tenants. 

She says: “Landlords can still serve eviction notices, even if their tenants have done nothing wrong, and courts remain open to process evictions. 

“The government's protections exclude renters who owe more than six months rent, and many of these people will be in debt due to the pandemic. Without financial support, renters will face a cliff edge when restrictions lift.

“We need a Covid Rent Debt Fund to help renters who have been affected by the pandemic and left with debts they're unable to pay. 

“The government must also bring forward the Renters Reform Bill and end ‘no fault’ Section 21 evictions so blameless renters don’t lose their homes as a result of the pandemic.”

Housing Secretary Jenrick himself comments: “It is right that as we move through the roadmap, we ensure that businesses and renters continue to be supported. We have taken unprecedented action to support both commercial and residential tenants throughout the pandemic – with a £280 billion economic package to keep businesses running and people in jobs and able to meet their outgoings, such as rent.

“These measures build on the government’s action to provide financial support as restrictions are lifted over the coming months – extending the furlough scheme, business rates holiday and the Universal Credit uplift.”

So far there has been no explanation of Jenrick’s pledge to ‘taper’ an end to the bailiff-enforced eviction ban after May 31. 

  • Fed Up Landlord

    Keep on Acorn and GR. When your left wing rabble rousers have nowhere to live then just look in the mirror for who to blame.


    The houses just magically disappear if there are no middle men do they


    They could well do from the private rental sector, yes. And it’s not just a case of a previously renting tenant that buys them, rather (statistically) a recent divorcee or 30+ adult child living at parents…neither of which reduce the demand by tenant, but do reduce the supply.

  • Stephen Chipp

    They are not going to be satisfied until tenants can live rent free paid for by the multi millionaire landlords (just a little note - vast majority are single property landlords!!) and having butlers thrown in for good measure. As the comment above states - when all the landlords have pulled out of the industry, leaving only the ruthless larger landlords hoovering up property and not caring a jot about you protesting, because you wont know where they are - don't come crying because you have nowhere to live!


    Wow sounds like someone’s got a chipp on his shoulder

    Stephen Chipp

    I like what you did there Tonty! lol No chipp I can assure you - just a genuine frustration with the press around evictions etc from GR, Acorn and Shelter as it would appear from their viewpoint there are 10's of thousands of landlords itching to evict their tenants. The evidence just does not support this. Most tenants are happy with their landlords and agents and they have numerous avenues to pursue rogue players in the market. That is not to say there are not bad agents and landlords and I am all for proper regulation of the sector!

  • jeremy clarke

    In 30 years in the letting business I have never known a landlord serve notice to tenants for no reason. There is always a reason and landlords must be able to retain the right to get their property back.

  • James B

    These helpless state freeloaders would still complain if they were given a year rent free so they just need ignored


    They’d get used to it and want another free year, eventually asking why they should pay rent at all, ever.

  • icon

    Acorn have nothing in common with the working class. The working class WORK.


    Honestly no one works harder than us landlords. I'd like to see some of these so-called activists get through all of This Morning AND a Corrie omnibus! I'm at the coal face making up to 3 phone-calls a week while these freeloaders spend their evenings organizing to support each other like a bunch of losers. Churchill said it best! "Landlords cannot achieve their great aim without fighting against all oppression!"


    @ Deffo Notmao we thank u for your service sir o7


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