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Evictions latest: Campaigners demand answers from government

The Generation Rent campaign group has written to Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick demanding answers to five questions regarding the eviction extension U-turn.

In her letter Alicia Kennedy - the former Labour baroness who is the new director of the group - describes the body as “the national voice of private renters.”

She welcomes the government U-turn last week but wants to know:


- when will the new six months’ notice period (with the exception of cases of anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse) take effect?;

- does the government plan to update Civil Procedure Rules for courts, in order to fulfil its pledge to ensure that when proceedings resume they will “carefully prioritise the most egregious cases”?;

- what plans does government have to ensure tenants’ financial circumstances regarding Coronavirus are taken into account in repossession cases?;

- what plans does the government have to address what the Baroness calls ‘the rent debt crisis” which she claims involves 230,000 renters in arrears?; and

- when will the government issue general guidance on the extension of the eviction ban?

The campaign group director ends her letter to Jenrick saying: “Across the country, renters who have lost income due to Coronavirus are terrified of losing their homes when the ban is lifted and need reassurance from the government that they will continue to be protected.”

  • girish mehta

    Another media hype
    80% of tenants will not be evicted and paying rent
    How come millions tenants face eviction.coved has been with us for 5 months yet millions of pounds in rent with now 12 months eviction ban in London you rare looking loss rental of 50,000 to 60000 per property
    before the landlords gets possession.. landlubbers are not charity or social landlords. Leave this to councils and housing associations
    They are a business and needs to be treated as such.

    Hands off to government and housing associations.

  • icon

    They seem to forget we want tenants, we need tenants it’s our business. I have always thought it’s only the non payers usually through choice not circumstance and those who choose to treat the property like a tip are the only ones that need cowboy outfits like generation rent.

     G romit

    I've been of the opinion the GR, Shelter at al views are through the prism of tenants that contact them. The majority of whom their Landlords want to move on for arrears, antisocial behaviour and/or damaging the property and want to take the system. Such tenants embellish their predicament citing how bad their Landlord is. You can see how these faux charities get a jaundiced view of the PRS.

    Decent tenants do not need the services of these faux charities and lobbyists, their Landlords do not want to move them on as they pay their rent, look after the property and don't abuse their neighbours.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Gov are doing nothing less than appropriating Private property for free by manipulating the legal process to house Tenants that are the welfare responsibility of the state.

    Question is - How many Landlords would put their hand in their pocket to fund a legal challenge ?

  • icon
    • 27 August 2020 08:57 AM

    I'd be willing to pay £1 pm if the other 2 million LL did the same.
    That would be £24 million per year
    That would finance relevant legal actions!


    Unfortunately, it’s going to take the few of us that will fight to contribute more. I’d estimate, realistically that we’d get 5% of LLs backing any action financially. It’s worth far far in excess of £100 to each of us, and despite being unfair that not all chip in, that’s what it’s gonna take.

  • icon

    Luke Aaron,

    You are absolutely right. We absolutely need legal action on this and any members of the trade associations should be publicly calling on them to do this. But it will only be a success if individual landlords and agents step up to the plate. £100 is a paltry sum, £1000 is good value when you consider the tens of thousands at stake for each landlord and the months or years of abuse yet to come.


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