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Take that! Labour chief hits back at buy to let attack by tenants

A Labour council leader has hit after being attacked for his support for buy to let and property investment.

Last week we reported that Shaz Nawaz, Labour leader of Peterborough council, was the subject of a demand form a tenant’s union that he “publicly explain” his actions as an accountant advising investors in the private rental sector how to optimise their financial arrangements.

Nawaz describes himself on social media as “Entrepreneur, Accountant, Speaker, Author, Property Investor, City Councillor.” 


Now he has hit back at the tenant union’s open letter, saying he has“consistently called for action to tackle homelessness and the shortage of decent affordable housing in our city,” including a recent election pledge to build 3,000 new council houses.

In his response, Nawaz write: “I have done well in my business in the last 12 months and I make no apologies for that. I have built many more homes during a nationwide shortage of housing, a proportion of which will be rented out by housing associations in Lincolnshire at affordable rates.

“I have helped many tenants become first-time buyers through my advice, something that millions of working people in our country continue to aspire to. 

“I have also supported my own valued tenants throughout the pandemic and can say honestly that I have never had a single complaint because I make it my business to ensure my tenants and their families are able to enjoy the homes.

“I am not ashamed of my business performance. My parents moved to Britain to create a better life for their family. I have used that opportunity to better myself and, through hard work and perseverance, I now have a decent business and employ and sub-contract to over 100 people who live mainly in and around Peterborough.

“I am proud of the Labour group’s record on challenging the Conservative-made housing crisis in Peterborough and we will continue to call for action on this and campaign on policies that will finally begin to tackle this crisis if implemented.”

You can see the tenant union’s original long attack on Nawaz here.

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    So shocked that the Labour party policy is to constantly attack people who want to invest in the property sector.
    More health and safety checks than in any other sector and it applies more to landlords.
    The tax system hits landlords the most.
    The eviction process makes it very hard to get rid of bad tenants.
    Pets and freezing rents. The cost of repairing a property and maintaining a property with pets, issues with your neighbors, pets mess and smell in lifts and communal area. The labour party wonders why they could never win another election.

    Kristjan Byfield

    You realise it's The Conservatives who have rolled out the last decade of regulations & tax changes right? Genuinely mystified by people not holding the party that's been in power for a decade to account for the changes they don't like happening.


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