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Rejected! More tenancy applications turned down by agents

A growing number of rental applications are being rejected by agents, it’s been claimed.

PropTech firm Vouch says that between January and April of this year, there were an average of 509 tenancies being cancelled by agents each month. 

Vouch says as many as 19 per cent of all tenancy applications across England were cancelled during August, compared to just four per cent during January. 


Tenancies can be cancelled for reasons including tenants failing reference or credit checks, having insufficient funds to cover prospective rental costs, or if applications are suspected of fraud. 

This data only includes tenancies cancelled by letting agents and excludes incidents where the tenant themselves pulled out of the process. 

Vouch believe the rising cost of rent and wider increases in the cost of living mean more tenants are unable to meet the financial obligations of their preferred tenancies. In addition, the introduction of sophisticated anti-fraud measures are picking up on suspicious tenancy applications before they are approved with greater accuracy. 

Jaime Tillyer, chief operating officer at Vouch, comments: “The summer months saw a big increase in the number of tenancy applications which weren’t being approved. The reasons ranged from failure to pass credit checks or provide a guarantor, through to suspected tenancy fraud. 

“Whilst the reasons behind these cancellations are broad, what’s clear is that we are operating in a very turbulent rental market. As economic pressures increase and the lettings market continues to grapple with low levels of housing stock, trends such as this are likely to become the norm.”

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    Times are hard and landlords will now always err on the side of caution when selecting tenants, especially since Liz is ploughing ahead with abolishing S21.

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    My partner and I are looking in the North East for a property. Whilst we take home £3.8k pcm , we are still being refused or ignored for properties due to either bad credit or as one agent told me "you don't work in the area". We viewed a property on a Saturday Eve, contacted the landlord on the Monday to proceed with an application and was told it was taken already. There needs to be an easier way to take on a property. We have the finance in place and ready to let. Also with banks, if someone can not afford to raise the 15% deposit that's required to buy a property, then they should be able to get a mortgage based on the amount they pay currently in rent but that still isn't happening.


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