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Ditch Airbnb and we will waive fees - agent's offer to landlords

An agency in an Airbnb hotspot is offering incentives to landlords who switch from short lets to long-term mainstream letting.

Dan Roskilly, head of RDR Estates in Cornwall, has teamed up with local removals firm Crago Moves to offer landlords discounts if they switch.

The firms will waive fees for clients wanting to change an Airbnb or holiday let into a long term let. The pair have promised that an interested landlord can get the property appraised, a tenant found and the old furnishings sold without a fee.


Roskilly - whose company is based in Penzance - has told the Cornwall Live news website: “Ultimately, we see how many people enquire for every property we put on the market. In some cases, we can get over 100 enquiries overnight.

“There is a chronic shortage exacerbated by people moving down and due to short term holiday lets. I get it, there’s a place for it.

“But now the margins aren’t what they were, we’re aware not all landlords are rich people with piles of money. If we can help grease the cogs to get people to switch off of short term lets, great.”


He continues by saying that although this offer is a strategic business move, his agency does not wish to make a profit out of the local housing crisis in the area,. 

“My history is working for larger corporate agents who would charge landlords and tenants anything and everything they could get away with. My former employer once issued a charged tenancy pet clause for having a goldfish.”

The only fees RDR would charge a landlord who made the switch would be a management commission on rent. 

Crago Moves would only charge for the removal of furniture and that anything removed would be sold on auction, with all profits to the landlord.

The companies say there are tenants waiting and vetted and available for a rapid move-in if landlords agree.

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    Not waiving fees then, are they, if they are still charging a monthly management fee?


    You expect them to work for free?? How is waiving set up fees not waiving fees?


    @max boyne. The headline clearly states, “We will waive fees” not, “We will waive SOME fees”. That was my point which obviously soared way over your head.

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    Nice gesture but how is this going to impact the tax advantages of holidays letting to renting? After all this was the government’s idea to over tax landlords and give tax relief to short term lets- I seem to remember that idiot Osbourne stealing the idea from the Green Party, it was to stop landlords buying properties that first time buyers wanted. Well good luck with that idea - working so well isn’t it?

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    I personally wouldn't touch them with a bargepole. Businesses who don't know how to adapt to their market, or offer any measure of value other than a price reduction, are also usually lacking when it comes to the quality of their service. They also attract the lowest calibre of customer and spend most of their time and effort trying to appease them.

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    Max, one way to adapt to a change in the markets place is to leave it. Which is going to happen to a lot of people in the PRS sector. In WV13 area, non tourist, l had over a 100 applicants, mostly people wanting to leave social housing, and more than a few carpetbaggers.


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