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New call to eradicate mould and damp in rental properties

Citizens Advice is the latest charity to argue for improved housing standards in the private rental sector.

It claims that its research shows that “1.6m children currently live in privately rented homes with damp, mould or excessive cold” and that over half of private renters in England - 2.7m households - are “struggling with one or more of these issues right now.”

It says its research shows that private tenants are 73 per cent more likely to be living with damp if they live in a property with an Energy Performance Certificate rating of D to G rather than one rated A to C. 


And it claims tenants are 89 per cent more likely to experience excessive cold in a D to G rated property than A to C. 

The charity is calling on the government to follow through on its promise to make sure all new private rental properties are upgraded to a minimum EPC C by 2025 and existing tenancies by 2028.

It says: “Landlords are currently only required to bring their properties up to an E rating. What’s more, landlords currently don't have to make any improvements if it’s going to cost them more than £3,500. This cap on landlord investment needs to be increased from £3,500 to £10,000.”

And Gillian Cooper - described as “head of energy” at Citizens Advice - says: “Every week we hear stories of people living in cold, damp and mouldy properties they can’t afford to heat properly.  It’s shameful that more than 20 years since legislation came into force to reduce fuel poverty and improve the energy performance of homes, people are still suffering. 

“Improving energy efficiency in privately rented homes has never been more urgent. It's the step needed to keep people’s essential bills low, while also helping to protect their mental and physical health.”

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    Gillian Cooper - described as “head of hot air” at Citizens Advice provides no evidence of her allegations. Therefore they are made up. Does she really think landlords have a spare £10,000 lying around? Most cases of mould are tenant caused. In fact all the recent complaints of damp accommodation that have hit the MSM have been Housing Association properties, NOT the PRS.


    Fedup Landlord provides no evidence of her allegations. Therefore they are made up.

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    Needs substantiation. Whose survey where done etc.


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