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‘No Airbnb’ - flats win planning consent but short lets are banned

A new block of apartments on the banks of a photogenic canal has been given the planning green light - but the flats can never be used for Airbnb-style short lets.

Proposals submitted to Liverpool’s Labour-controlled council to construct 70 new flats on the banks of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal have been approved but the local authority placed a ban on the flats being used for short-term holiday use.

The Liverpool Echo website and newspaper report that plans put forward by Elavace Estates Number 3 Ltd sought to redevelop long-term empty land to provide two new blocks four and six storeys high with dozens of new apartments.

Councillors appeared to express concern that the flats - along with a new stadium nearby for Everton - would encourage greater traffic and, in the case of the residential units, possibly be used as short term lets.

The Echo reports that council officers told elected members that there was “nothing to suggest” the properties would be used for anything other than for long term residential purposes. 

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    There are plenty of clauses in standard head/superior leases that can be used to prevent Airbnb so glad to see this is gaining traction in clean speak for new builds.

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    Welcome news for the city. We welcome that decision and more like it.

    They are a blight on developments and spoil the home environment for real tenants.

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    B&B has been around for years, problem is big American firms ignoring British customs and practice and also British law.

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    Don't you all realise this is the thin edge of the wedge they will be telling us how we can live in our own homes next when you get a massive fine for asking a family member to house sit or pet sit while you are away will you still think this is good idea
    There is more than enough control on how families live their lives in this country, do you really want to live somewhere where you have to ask a council for permission for everything and of course pay outrageous fees for the privelage
    We should have learned by now the first thing that happens when you give politicians power is they abuse it

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    Mr Altman, people don't! As said though, big American companies, often ride roughshod over British law, customs, tax requirements, planning permission etc etc. Further we have politicians and big organisations who think the answer to everything is good pr and also publicity stunts. A highly emotive claim that people who don't pay their energy bills should be allowed to get away with it !

  • Clive Slater

    We’ve got the opposite situation down here in Arundel where our dopey district council are actually planning to spend over half a million pounds of taxpayers money to build a brand new air bnb even though the whole town is against it.

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    Clive, that's a hotel, or a hostel, surely ! Oh l see it's a hostel for all those wonderful people invading our country.

  • Clive Slater

    Knew they’d fill it somehow; it’s only £503 per night!!


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