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Anti-Social Short Lets - Airbnb reveals crackdown details

Airbnb claims there has been a 75 per cent drop in party reports made to Airbnb in the UK since its global party ban was introduced in 2020 - and now it’s consolidating that crackdown.

Airbnb is announcing the launch of reservation screening technology to clamp down on unwanted behaviour, and the short lets platform is working with Neighbourhood Watch on how to be a responsible neighbour when hosting this summer

 Following what Airbnb calls “the success of a global pilot” the screening technology looks at factors relating to the guest’s account and their booking that may indicate a higher risk for this type of incident. These factors include whether guest review history, the length of their trip, the distance to the listing, and if the booking is on a weekend or a weekday, among other considerations. 


This month Airbnb is issuing summer safety packs to over 75,000 hosts in the UK, equipping them with information and tools on how to be responsible and considerate neighbours.

Hosts can sign up for a free noise sensor which alerts them remotely if noise levels exceed a certain range while protecting guest privacy. 

In addition Airbnb’s neighbourhood support line, open 24 hours a day, allows local residents to contact a dedicated safety team directly with any concerns about a listing. 

Some 30,000 hosts in the UK have signed up to webinars from Neighbourhood Watch.

A statement from Airbnb says: “Airbnb believes clear and modern rules for short-term lets can strengthen local communities, and recent research from Neighbourhood Watch reveals 54 per cent of adults in the UK say tourism helps drive investment into local infrastructure, public spaces and services. 

“Airbnb has long led calls for a national Host register, which will give authorities a clear picture of short-term letting activity in their area, allowing them to identify and take action towards antisocial behaviour and bad actors, and inform planning decisions around local housing.”

And Amanda Cupples, general manager of Airbnb in UK & Northern Europe, says: “Responsible travel is at the heart of Airbnb, and local communities are as important to us as our Hosts and guests. We are committed to ensuring the people who use our platform are good neighbours, and our new technology and neighbourhood safety measures - coupled with new rules for short-term lets - will help tackle local concerns where they exist.”

  • Kristjan Byfield

    For hosts and RTR providers it is well worth checking out a company called minut- they make sensors for property targeted at Hosts & PMs and they can detect excessive noise, cigarette smoke and other 'red flags'. Easy way to be aware of ASB at a property and shut it down fast!

  • Roger  Mellie

    I'm glad to see AirBNB taking action. There are too many green hosts out there just ready to get caught out buy party gangs who cause a nuisance at best and thousands of pounds of damage at worst.

  • icon

    It's a shame that they don't do anything about illegal sub-letting.
    We found out that one of our tenants was almost permanently sub-letting their (our) flat through Airbnb. We provided complete proof to them that it was an illegal sub-let and they had no interest in resolving it and just referred us back to the 'host', happy to take their fee, so they are useless as far as i'm concerned.


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