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Possession court delays to worsen thanks to new law - claim

The new Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service - introduced this month - will make possession court case delays even worse.

That’s the view of Sim Sekhon, managing director of LegalforLandlords, who is a landlord himself.

HLPAS offers anyone at risk of losing their home free legal advice. It’s not means tested and can be called upon from the moment that a landlord or mortgage lender issues a notice to repossess. 


Representation in court and advocacy are included in the list of services offered by registered providers.

Sekhon says: “It feels like the landlord’s interests are always the lowest priority. This change sounds worthy but, no doubt, it will delay the entire legal process.”

The Law Society of England and Wales has raised concern on whether there are enough legal practitioners available to do the work.

Sekhon says London councils in Brent and Harrow have offered to pay rent arrears of tenants if landlords halt eviction processes - a sign, he believes, if landlords being backed into a corner. 

Providers of the HLPAS service are listed on the GOV.UK website and include housing charities, legal firms and Citizens Advice. They will be able to offer advice on housing, debt and welfare benefits, and provide in-court duty. 

Sekhon continues: “When the existing system doesn’t work for landlords, it’s no surprise that many want to leave the sector. Repossession is their only option, but with the advent of HPLAS that becomes even harder. When is the government going to realise that it makes no sense to alienate landlords when you’re trying to fix a housing crisis?”

He concludes: “Landlords are being pressured from all sides and it has perhaps never been more important for them to be proactive in protecting their interests. 

“Taking out Rent Protection insurance and obtaining guarantors can provide much needed reassurance in a rental market that seems increasingly unbalanced.”

  • Matthew Payne

    Brent, Islington and others are also paying monster incentive fees on renewal to stop LLs going back into the open market for private tenants, and I mean £10k plus. Islington could only find 30 properties last month that would accept new tenants, so they are desperately trying to keep exisiting placements in situe. Its like a big game of wac a mole only there are 50,000 moles and only 1 hammer, not helped by the 700,000 new migrants per annum government is dumping on london councils. Big big problems in the pipeline.

  • Fed Up Landlord

    The anti landlord politics of the marxist left coming home to roost. You got your wish. No landlords. No homes to rent. Nowhere to live. Oh. Look at all the homeless. It's the governments fault.


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