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Right To Rent penalties soar from today - up to £20,000 fine

Fines for agents and landlords who breach Right To Rent rules increase today from £80 per lodger and £1,000 per occupier for a first breach. to as much as £5,000 per lodger and £10,000 per occupier.  

Repeat breaches will be up to £10,000 per lodger and £20,000 per occupier, up from £500 and £3,000.

In theory, repeated failure to check a tenant’s Right To Rent could also mean a prison sentence. 


Legal guidance from law company Field Seymour Parkes says prospective tenants will fall into three broad categories dependant on their immigration status:

Unlimited right to rent: British citizens, Irish citizens and people who have the right of abode in the UK, which includes those who have been granted settlement (also known as “indefinite leave to remain”), those granted settled status via the European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS) or individuals who have no time limit on their permission to stay in the UK;

Time-limited right to rent: Individuals with pre-settled status under the EUSS, Asylum seekers and other individuals who are in the UK lawfully but who have time restrictions on their right to remain in the UK; and

No right to rent: Individuals who have leave to be in the UK but with restrictions which prevent them from occupying premises, and individuals who have no leave to be in the UK.

  • Peter Lewis

    The obvious answer is to only let to UK residents with UK passports, but don’t tell anyone what the reason for rejection is. That way your bomb proof.
    You can always say that their breath smells


    Exactly this Peter. Spot on.

  • icon

    @ Peter, it is a disgrace what you said. You have a complete disregard to others. You are disgusting, racist and let me guess, a Brexiteer....Reflect a little on what those non Brits are bringing to the UK, from health care to bus drivers. I am sorry, but you made my blood boil inside me


    Tom Smith, It makes my blood boil when people vote to like their own post (talk about blowing your own trumpet) and blame Brexit. Is Brexit the cause of the current bad weather?

    With a fine of £10,000 for being a failure as a cheap Border Guard, I suspect many will give first option to UK passport holders and, surprise, surprise Tom, they are NOT all white.

    Of course had your blood really boiled, you would be in need of health care, unless it was a strike day.

    Have a nice life free of the EU.


    Tom I will take anyone of any ethnicity - provided they have a British passport. I would like to take those with temporary right to remain but I cannot take the risk of making a simple mistake and ending with a large fine. So please do not call anyone racist who seeks to protect themselves from unreasonable government edicts.


    Tom Smith - I love a good parody!

  • icon

    YET ANOTHER HATE FUELLED EXTREMIST , obviously victims want to protect their families from these vicious laws ,if the government wants to target landlords to cover up their incompetence and criminal negligence in policing this countries borders then people will seek to protect their families , i was happy to house anyone but because of these vicious unjust laws I now do what is necessary to protect ourselves

    If you want to call out racism I suggest you look at the hate propaganda put out by the likes of shelter generation hate and acorn and call out the atrocities of hate gangs

  • Sarah Fox-Moore

    No wonder so many landlords won't touch anyone who isnt a UK citizen with a UK passport. They just cant take the risk. There are so many forged documents out there now as well. Another minefield landlords can't risk falling foul of.

  • icon

    Why should a landlord take on anyone with limited right to remain when we are being forced into providing permanent contracts?


    Be fair. You cannot expect the Govester to use joined up thinking or common sense. He would not be a politician if he did.


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