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Council-run lettings agency claims to beat  rivals on fees and upfront rent

A council-run lettings agency called YorHome is offering new incentives to woo private landlords away from conventional agents.

Besides offering what it calls “probably the lowest management fees in the city of York, the firm is offering “market-beating” 12-month’s rent up front and funding for certain home improvements.

Anyone with a residential property to let in or immediately around York is charged 9% all-inclusive management fee.


“That’s 3% lower than any other letting agency we've seen in York. We keep landlords costs lower still by not charging any extra for inventories or extending a tenancy, for example: it's just one flat fee. Landlords staying with us won’t have to pay the fifth year’s fees, either” says YorHome.

In addition, landlords who sign up can in some cases receive funding for certain home improvements.

The agency’s promotional material says: 

“We will help your property become someone’s much-needed home and hope. Let it with us and save a household from homelessness or we could let it as part of our work to settle refugees in York, in safety.”

A council spokesperson adds: “Our focus is on the landlords and tenants, and giving both outstanding support to ensure properties are well-managed and profitable.

“I’m delighted that we can offer these market-beating benefits for new landlords signing up with us.”

  • Keith Russell

    Concentrate on running the council and not trying to take over an industry, where this is not what Councils are funded to do!

    • A W
    • 28 May 2024 09:24 AM

    They're too incompetent to take over an industry.

    These are just social housing tenants in the private sector, good luck getting your property back (and in one piece) at the end of the term.

  • jeremy clarke

    Amazing what can be done using other people's money without the need to be a real business. If, when, it all goes wrong, nobody will lose their job or be blamed, they will just move to the next carriage in the civil service gravy train towards gold plated pensions.

  • Yonnette  Roberts

    Totally agree Keith. None has been successful because council don’t manage their own stock properly so how can they manage private sector properties where they are going to put the same tenants that they can not manage in their own properties. I guest there is a little difference between AST and secure tenancies. Good idea if the council was a good, efficient and consistent service.

  • Simon Shinerock

    But will this ‘agency’ go to the open market to find tenants, I doubt it and will they favour their waiting list of social tenants, I expect so and does that mean landlords will get the full market rent for their property, well, we can only speculate

  • Simon Shinerock

    From YorHome

    We have a ready supply of vetted and well-managed tenants for your home.

    We don’t charge them upfront fees.

    Some tenants are referred to us because they could be facing homelessness and need a secure home. Some are referred to us through refugee resettlement schemes.


    Well that says it all, we run your private rental to help us to prioritise our own responsibility to house those who are homeless and are immigrants. Obviously at the cheapest cost possible to serve our own interests.
    Especially in areas where we can’t hit you for the Selective Landlord Licensing Scheme.



    Good you "don't charge tenants upfront fees" that would be illegal. Not really a USP !!

    Do you help those homeless on Section 8 reason 8 (Non payment of Rent) ?

    Most landlords do not evict tenants paying rent. And use Section 21 so councils will accept them as "No Fault Homelessness". Are you sure yours are not rent defaulters?


    @ david Harrison

    Simon was referring to a quote from the YorHomes website. It is not his policy.

  • icon

    Sorry Simon - new to post.

    Post displayed "Simon Shinerock Trom YorHome" so understood you were from YorHome, not that you were commenting on YorHome article.

  • icon

    This agency will be run at whatever cost as the council tax payer will pick up any shortfall.

    Giving them an unfair advantage over a standalone letting agent


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