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David OConnor
David OConnor
Executive Director
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Having built several successful companies alongside a growing family I have developed finely turned organizational & leadership skills. Combining the business skill of prudent planning & financial probity with the flare and ambition seen in the best sales office, I have built three successfully businesses one of which was sold to a large corporate in 2014 (two currently active).

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I am a motivated individual with extensive business knowledge (from accounting, business process, sales & marketing), considerable people & leadership skills. With a proven track record in problem solving & profit generation I am determined to offer complete commitment to achieve the highest results.

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David OConnor
Simon you could not be more correct. There are several other issues that Mr Osbourne is either misinformed or complicit about. 1) The playing field is be shifted to old money and people that can buy property for cash. The restriction of access to land has for centuries be and the route of social imbalance. These steps will restrict access to investment land for the middle classes who on the whole use lending to access the property market. 2) We need to build more homes and in the medium terms if you want the house build and solid you need buyers and to stall the small landlord market will be a serious mistake. 3) Institutions currently own and control the majority of commercial and retails property and we all see the empty units and the inability of institution to adjust rental prices. There prefer to keep rents high and leave many unit empty than reduce rent. If they when involved in the residential sector in is likely that they would continue this approach which would mean higher rents and more empty property. 3) running a large local lettings agency for many years we saw at first hand how institutional residential landlord would happy leave property empty and in disrepair for extended periods (years) there are no as motivated as small investor to ensure they have the income. Simply small investors/Landlord care more than funds manager or large landlords. Solution: Allowed full tax relief on interest for the first 5 properties (or a capital value amount) a person owns. Restriction relief on properties over that amounts.

From: David OConnor 16 September 2015 09:41 AM

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