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Landlords also need protection from slum tenants. I always clean and refurbish as necessary after a let. Currently I have two properties which have been vacated. One was a six month let. The house is now filthy. No attempt has been made to keep the house ventilated and clear mould from the window frames. We have also been left with rubbish to clear, old car parts in the garage and open bowls of old engine oil. The other has been let for about five years. It is disgusting inside. Mould is everywhere, walls are dirty and the kitchen units are water damaged. The carpets are filthy. The paint work is filthy. I used to live there and it was absolutely fine if you cleaned and let some fresh air in occasionally - just like any other house. Please will someone get it through their (***) heads that a lot of tenants' squalid living is down to themselves. No amount of licensing is going to solve this and ultimately landlords are going to have to resort to short period tenancies with renewal only after inspection - at cost to the tenant. As a landlord it is very tempting to let properties as you find because you know that's how they will come back to you. I am not tempted but it is a close call. Other landlords clearly take the alternative option. Of course there are bad properties and bad landlords and there are already plenty of laws to handle them. It is about time we had some laws to handle obnoxious tenants as well. Tenants need to get together and make sure that they comply with good standards of cleanliness and general house holding. Oh dear, I have been dreaming. I guess the people who want all these laws do that as well.

From: laurence meade 20 July 2017 14:04 PM