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Lettings Fees Ban - now Welsh Government  jumps on the bandwagon

The Welsh Government is now kicking off a similar consultation process to that conducted by the Department for Communities and Local Government, regarding the proposed introduction of bans on letting fees levied on tenants.


The government, based in Cardiff, says it is consulting “on the nature and level of fees being charged to determine which fees, if any, are justifiably being charged to tenants, fees paid by landlords to agents [and the] possible consequences of banning fees.”



The consultation is open until September 27 and follows a similar process to that of the DCLG exercise, which applied to a fee ban proposed in England - although during the course of that consultation, Theresa May’s administration went ahead and confirmed the ban would be introduced anyway, irrespective of the results of the consultation.

The Welsh consultation runs to 31 questions and follows an introduction that contains this statement:

“The Welsh Government believes many of the fees charged to tenants to be unjustified and arbitrary. Fees can act as a barrier to privately-rented housing. In the long run, a failure to address this issue risks making the Private Rented Sector unaffordable for some people. Together with a ban on letting agents’ fees, we propose to include a ban on fees charged to tenants by landlords and third parties.”

You can see the full Welsh consultation document here

  • jeremy clarke

    Just thinking about running a consultation for letting agents over the issue of fees to tenants, will keep it simple with just two questions.
    "Has a tenant ever said to you as agent, I'm not taking that property because of the fees?"
    How many times has this occurred in the last 5 years?
    I'll kick off with my responses:-
    Never and not once!

  • icon

    There are fees for everything in this blasted country.

    Bank charges
    Car parking charges
    Credit card charges
    road tax (most of which is not spent on roads)
    council charges to support vast bureaucracies

    and so it goes on.

    Why on earth do tenants think they are a special case?


    Apples and oranges.

    Credit card fees being banned too.

    You charge the landlord.

    Now compare apples with apples... Employment recruitment agency, there don't charge both parties!


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