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The most important ways to market rental property to tenants online

15 January 2016 3273 Views
The most important ways to market rental property to tenants online

It's more important than ever that letting agents stand out with their marketing messages.

The British rental market is more crowded than it has ever been before in terms of stock. The falling number of homeowners nationwide has meant that more people than ever are now looking for rental homes.

With this in mind, and so many potential homes to sift through online, letting agents need to make sure they are catching the eye of tenants, and giving them all the information they need to ensure they don't simply move onto the next listing and rent somewhere else.

There are a number of key factors that people now look for in their rental property, and they will want to know that any home they look at delivers these. With the ease of access the internet gives to a very high number of property listings, it's important that letting agents ensure their own are telling potential tenants everything they need to know.

Size of property

One of the common mistakes letting agents can make is to not list the property type or size properly. There's nothing worse for a tenant than when they come to a view a flat, only to find that what was listed as a one-bedroom is actually a very small studio.

It's better to be honest from the off so tenants know what they are getting from the off. People know exactly what they are looking for, and if it's not clear, they might simply choose to look elsewhere instead.


Amenities both inside and outside the property are important things to list so people can see if the flat has everything they want, checking them off their list before they decide whether or not to book a viewing.

In the property itself, you need to highlight things like white goods, internet speeds and any additional perks such as a laundry room or in-built gym, all of which are things tenants are looking for.

In addition to this, you can also highlight local amenities around the property. List things like the nightlife in the area, as young professionals will want to know where to go on a night out and if there's a good range of places to visit, as well as proximity to other local highlights that are important to tenants, such as shopping, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Public transport

For the mobile young professional, work is a main consideration when renting somewhere to live. And for any city, and London in particular, it's vital that they know they can get to and from work easily.

For this reason, listing the range of local transport links, and even estimated times to certain places, is a great way to make your listing stand out from the crowd. Distance to Underground stations and local bus routes are among the most important things to include to just give tenants peace of mind that they'll be able to live and work in the area conveniently, and it's something that will really factor into their decision. If you list this information, you give yourself a head start over your competitors.

Furnished or unfurnished

Finally, another mistake that is often made by letting agents and landlords is forgetting to mention if a property is furnished or not. Most young professionals in the market at the moment prefer furnished properties for convenience and ease of moving, so they'll be searching listings with this in mind.

In fact, putting at the very top of the listing whether or not it comes furnished can be a great way to make your listing stand out. If they click on it and can see this information straight away, they're more likely to stick around and consider your property rather than looking elsewhere.

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