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Share your views and you could help shape the evolution of the Renters (Reform) Bill

07 July 2023 5022 Views
Share your views and you could help shape the evolution of the Renters (Reform) Bill

The Renters (Reform) Bill rewrites many of the rules that the private rented sector has played by for decades. This may have come as a blow to many, but the legislative process hasn’t run its course and you can still have your say by taking PayProp’s survey tracking the widespread (and sometimes unintended) impact it will have on the industry. To make sure your views are presented to the government, we will take this into our various discussions and interactions with public officials and politicians in the next weeks and months.

A recap of the main changes shows that Section 21 evictions will be banned, tenancies will be open-ended, rent review clauses will disappear from tenancy agreements, and a new compulsory Private Rented Sector Ombudsman will rule on landlord-tenant disputes – and force landlords to pay compensation.

But are these drastic interventions fit for purpose? As PayProp’s recent webinar with HF Assist revealed, agents aren’t sure of the processes they will have to follow after the Bill becomes law. Meanwhile, industry groups warn that the new rules could have serious unintended consequences, including driving up rents and reducing the availability of housing.

With your help, we want to find out:

  • Which of the changes in the Renters (Reform) Bill will have the biggest impact on lettings businesses?

  • How will the new rules affect rental prices, property standards, and the availability of homes to rent?

  • What role will letting agents play in the new, more regulated private rented sector?

  • What questions do politicians still need to answer?

PayProp’s new industry survey, Life after the Renters (Reform) Bill, can be completed during your coffee break, and anyone who finishes it (and leaves their e-mail address) will get first look at PayProp’s resulting industry report.

What’s more, three lucky respondents will also win a £100 Amazon voucher (see survey for terms and conditions).

Neil Cobbold, managing director of PayProp UK, says, “While we welcome efforts to professionalise and drive up standards in the private rented sector, there’s still a lot of uncertainty around this hugely impactful piece of legislation. If the government is to fill in the gaps in the Renters (Reform) Bill, the only way they’re going to do that successfully is to take industry professionals’ feedback on board. Let’s make sure our industry’s views are known.”

Have your say by taking the survey now.

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