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Vast majority of tenants have had damp or drainage problems

New research has revealed that the vast majority of tenants have experienced problems with damp or poor drainage.

A survey of 1,000 tenants, commissioned by drainage firm Lanes Group, found that 85% of respondents have experienced damp or drainage issues at some point during their tenancy. 

Just under a third (29%) of those who have experienced drainage or damp issues said they didn't receive any assistance from their landlord.


The most common problem experienced by participants is persistent damp on walls or around windows.

This is followed by dripping taps and bad smells from drains.

Other frequent issues cited by respondents are poorly-fitted bathrooms, poorly-fitted appliances, low water pressure, drain blockages, leaking pipes and flooding.

London tenants are the most likely to experience drainage problems, according to the study, with 90% of renters in the capital claiming they have had to contact their landlord at some point due to plumbing issues.

“Having adequate drainage facilities installed and carrying out regular checks by professionals will go a long way in keeping drainage systems in rented properties running correctly," comments Michelle Ringland, head of marketing at Lanes Group.

“This should be supplemented by giving tenants clear information on what they should and shouldn’t put down drains.”  

  • jeremy clarke

    Anyone ever asked home owners whether they've had the same issues?
    What a pointless article, perhaps I could assist with the next one, I propose asking tenants whether they have encountered issues with grass growing in their gardens despite having cut it last year!

  • Matthew Lester

    It would be so much more helpful to differentiate between damp and condensation. Usually damp is a landlord's responsibility, usually condensation is a tenants, and almost always curable by the people living in the property. The drainage company who commissioned this survey may be more respected if they showed they know the difference.

  • clara king

    There are so many ways that you can help prevent or get rid of these issues yourself! If you are a tenant and you can smell a bad drain or you come across a blockage there are so many home remedies etc that are easy to do and can save a lot of money for example the advice here http://blockeddrainsbirmingham.co.uk/advice.html is just some of the millions of things that you can do. Maybe you should try some if you come across drain problems in the future.


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