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Tenants 'know too little about the rental sector' suggests report

Tenants know very little about their rights and responsibilities as renters according to a new survey produced by TotallyMoney.

Some 97 per cent do not know their full rights as renters, while 50 per cent don't know if their landlord could change their rent without notifying them, and 38 per cent don't know when the landlord is allowed to enter the property.

The website, which has now produced a booklet of tenants’ rights and responsibilities, says some landlords are also ill-informed as to their roles. 


It says the most searched terms and the questions landlords are regularly asking online, to find out vital information, including:

- how long does a landlord have to return a deposit? 

- who pays council tax, the tenant or the landlord? 

- and what does landlord insurance cover? 

“Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, knowing your rights and keeping an eye out for warning signs means you’re well prepared in the event of an issue or a dispute. We created this study in order to make sure readers had access to clear answers - it can often be tricky to find out the exact information on a problem while renting” explains Mark Molony, head of brand and communications at TotallyMoney. 

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    • 07 December 2018 11:01 AM

    whether tenants know their rights or not, they certainly expect their deposit back before they return the key and vacate the premises. which is worse than what the law allow, Since its not their property, not knowing the law meant they think they can trash it and walk away and hence not get deposit back to make good the damages yet that doesnt work for the tenant as then its a rogue landlord issue of non returning of deposits! knowing the law does not protect the landlord as mydeposit and tds at times make judgments oppose to the evidence of inventory provided and costs of repair claiming wear and tear when its clearly negligence on the part of tenants and then we have to pursue the money through court costing the tenants courts fees etc

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    Tds, Mydeposits,DPS are all toothless tigers always favour the tenants.
    Take double rent first month plus £350 held for Cleaning if property not left how it was when they moved in. 6 months AST only 2 or 3 monthly Inspection and do not under any circumstances let an agent carry out Inspection or check out or inventory.
    Simple rules and as they say Rules are for fulls


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