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Shelter’s selective use of statistics attacked by lettings group

A call by Shelter for England to adopt Scotland’s model of indefinite tenancies in the private rented sector has been attacked by a lettings trade group.

David Smith, policy director for the Residential Landlords Association, says the campaigning charity has failed to recognise key differences between England and Scotland.

“The only reason the Scottish model has worked is because a properly funded and staffed housing court was established to cope with the dramatic increase in repossession cases needing to be heard” says Smith.


“Across England and Wales it takes an average of over five months for landlords to repossess properties through the courts. This is not good enough. We call on Shelter to back the RLA’s plans for a dedicated housing court that can process repossession claims in legitimate circumstances without frustrating landlords. Simply tinkering with the existing courts will not work” he continues.

A key claim by Smith is that in arguing that changes in Scotland have not affected the supply of homes for rent, Shelter has used figures from before the changes were introduced.

“As the latest data from the Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors notes clearly, whilst the demand for new homes to rent has increased considerably in Scotland, new landlord instructions have fallen, providing less choice for tenants” insists Smith.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    The debate between Neate and Smith on You & Yours could have been far more vociferous for Landlords.
    Neate tooted the often claimed statistic that Section 21 is the major cause of Homelessness, and has been Rising ! ( Both WRONG ) This wasn't picked up on by David Smith and he let that opportunity to score, pass.
    MoJ Possession Stats for last 1/4 of 2018 show that of 61,410 Households assessed as requiring a Homelessness Duty by the L.A. Only 3,890 were as result of having a Section 21 !
    If David Smith is going to ' bat ' for Landlords against the abolition of Sec 21, he needs to up his game ! We have a far stronger case against the abolition than the biased offerings of Shelter.

  • icon
    • 19 June 2019 00:26 AM

    From a purely selfish LL perspective it is great news that the PRS is shrinking.
    That means many more tenants chasing scarce rental properties which can only result in increasing rents.
    Long may the PRS continue to shrink!!
    Tenants be prepared to pay a lot more rent and to be squeaky clean as far as references are concerned.
    Check those credit files for the 3 CRA NOW!!
    LL will be able to let to the best tenants.
    Where that leaves all the other wronguns us of no concern for LL.
    It is Govt and Councils creating the reduction in the PRS.
    Yet again we also have the idiot Neate propounding that S21 is the cause of homelessness.
    It ISN'T.
    It is just the process that LL are forced to use to get rid of mostly rent defaulting tenants quickly.
    Neate would do far better with her propaganda by stating that so many evictions are occurring because of rent arrears.
    Shelter could then propagandise this rent default situation.
    Why are so many tenants defaulting on rent???
    Many LL are having to evict as tenants refuse to comply with a S21 notice .
    Now many LL are evicting due to HB rent being insufficient to cover costs.
    One of the most recent of increased costs is of course S24.
    Now which major alleged housing charity actually supports S24!!!??
    I wonder who they might be!?


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