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Agency calls in police after activists protest outside branch

A lettings agency has called in the police after a protest involving anti-agent activists demanding compensation for past tenants.

The Eastern Daily Press reports that protests were held by the Acorn group outside the Norwich office of Abbot Fox; the activists wanted over £5,000 to be paid to former tenants.

Police have been involved following a series of negative online reviews posted about the company following the protests.

The dispute centred on a couple who stayed in their property only a short while before compiling of poor water standards; they left by the agency and local water authority disputed the claims about poor water standards.


The couple, with the backing of Acorn, are now claiming £5,412.66 from the agency. The bill includes £179 for cleaning carpets, £750 for removals and £2,700 for the difference in rent they are now paying.

The agency is not paying and, according to the Eastern Daily Press, is advising the couple to go to the Ombudsman if they remain dissatisfied.

A statement from the agency says: “The last few months haven’t been easy because of these people. We are a small independent company trying to survive with many members of staff working to provide for their families. 

"We care about our customers, our staff and our community. We feel we should make a statement that bullying is not ok."

  • girish mehta

    Good for landlords and agents for standing up to these free loaders. The water is supplied by national company. They can’t supply different quality of water to individual premises, Bill for cleaning carpets ???
    Because of quality of water???
    Scam by Tenants and these groups sir these people and take these idiots to cleaners and send them packing

    Patrick  Rodgers

    To bloodly right there nothing but free loaders just try to scam money out of people

  • SCN Lettings

    The bully boy tactics of the Far Left. Acorn, Shelter, Generation Rent's mantra "All property ownership is theft"
    When there are no landlords or agents left where will their members live? Have they not thought this through?

  • icon

    I read this story in my local press. It was the usual anti Landlord tripe.


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