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Terrifying: Brothers open fire on lettings agency in revenge attack

Media reports from Gateshead claim two brothers opened fire on a lettings agency with an air pistol when they were told they were being evicted for not paying rent.

Newcastle Crown Court has heard that the pair also used the pistol to attack a car bearing a logo of the agency, Carousel Estate Agents. 

Joshua and Brendan Maas were served with a notice informing them of their eviction but within three hours made the attack, firing seven pellets through the window of the agency, terrifying passers-by; there were no staff inside.


They then attacked the car, two miles away, shattering the passenger side windows and the rear window, plus leaving a hole in the bodywork.

Total damage to the premises and the car came to over £5,000. 

The attack took place in September 2018 but has only just reached court.

The court heard both brothers had a long list of previous convictions.

Judge Tim Gittins told the brothers: "There were other members of the public nearby, completely innocent members of the public who saw somebody shooting what they thought was a genuine pistol repeatedly towards that window.

"Your principle aim was to cause damage to the shop in some form of revenge to scare the estate agents when they found out about it, but you caused the passers-by considerable concern and alarm even if you didn't intend to.

"You terrified passers-by and led to shop staff fearing something else would happen in the days that followed."

Joshua was jailed for 12 months but will be released soon as he has done five months on remand; Brandon was sentenced to nine months suspended for 18 months with an electronically monitored curfew for three months between 9pm and 7am. Joshua was also banned from driving for two years.

You can read the full report, including prosecution and defence comments, here.

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    Did they manage to evict since Sept 2018 otherwise new tenants cannot legally move in

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    " Suspended sentence " for discharging a lethal weapon deliberately to cause significant damage. - Hardly a Deterrent !!!


    Hardly a lethal weapon...


    Legally it is. Hardly the point, though…

  • icon

    A legal air pistol, usually has just enough power to push a pellet through a drinks tin can, unless it has been adapted to illegally increase its power. Then its a very serious firearms offence with prison sentences of 5 years plus. But of course these days you almost have to commit murder to get more than a bit of community service. Hence the recent increase in no respect for the Police.

    Colin Taylor

    Almost committing murder? I have always recognised murder to be an "is or isn't" type of action? There is no law to accuse or convict someone of nearly doing anything. I am glad I don't live round your way....

  • Colin Taylor

    If an air pistol is "terrifying", a conventional firearm would be cataclysmic and an RPG Apocolyptic....


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