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Agents demand funds to clamp down on rogue operators

ARLA Propertymark is calling on the government to properly fund local authorities so they can combat rogue operators in the private rental sector.

In its submission to HM Treasury ahead of the Budget and spending review scheduled for later this month, Propertymark says many local authorities clearly face spending challenges when it comes to the policing of rogue landlords and agents.

Propertymark says one encouraging development early last year was that more than 100 councils across England were awarded a share of over £4m to crack down on criminal operators in the sector. 


However, the agents’ body says: “To date there has been no published assessment of the impact of this programme and no follow up funding has been allocated.”

It goes on to tell the Treasury: “Local authorities must therefore be provided with adequate and protected funding to enable them to make best use of existing enforcement powers and coordinate their activity to handle compliance with regulations across the private rented sector before the UK government introduces any new measures intended to drive up standards via its Renting Reform agenda.”

Specifically, it wants the government to create a ring-fenced grant ensuring all local authorities receive support that is proportionate to what is needed to deliver effective enforcement in their areas. 


At the Conservative party conference this week, Eddie Hughes MP - a junior housing and homelessness minister in the newly-renamed Ministry of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities - spoke against ring-fencing funding for any aspect of the private rental sector.

However, he did say the government was listening closely to all stakeholders in the sector for their views on future reforms, ahead of the release of a White Paper on the subject, expected later this year. 

You can see Propertymark’s full submission to HM Treasury here.

  • Roger  Mellie

    This money is awarded to Trading Standards who visit branches and ensure everything is above board. There was a push towards this with local authorities a few years back to raise standards and ensure all legally displayable information was displayed for the general public to see.

  • icon

    Why are ARLA acting as a policeman? Surely they should be adivsing their clients on the law and pointing out a nice well manitained property is easy to let and how to control errant tenants. Shelter epresents tenants. The government seems to be looking for someone to do their dirty work. The majority of our politicians seem to be communists. Further because of the tenant fees act agents have had their income drastically reduced and seem to be going slowly bankrupt. I am no fan of agents either but these governments seem to be expecting things done for nothing.

  • icon

    Sorry represents ! Not epresents !

    Roger  Mellie

    Maybe we should put Shelter in charge?

  • icon

    Shelter obviously is, ask Carrie.

  • Roger  Mellie

    Carrie Fisher?

  • icon

    I suddenly lose interest when somebody rights, "I'm no fan of Agents". It would be like saying all self managing LL are rogues. Untrue and unhelpful.


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