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Arrests made as protesting activists try to enter lettings agency

Local media in the Homes Counties report that two arrests were made after police were called by a lettings agency where a large number of protestors appeared to attack the building. 

The arrests were made when members of the so-called renters’ union Acorn attempted to gain entry to Review Homes branch in High Wycombe town centre.

Letting Agent Today has asked the agency for its view of events.


The Bucks Free Press quotes Acorn, in a post on social media, saying: "Our members were there within their legal rights to form a 15 person support group, as outlined in government Coronavirus legislation. The demonstration was socially distanced, outside, and entirely peaceful.”

Thames Valley Police confirmed they were called to the office on Wednesday afternoon following a report of a group of people protesting and attempting to gain entrance to a commercial property.

The paper reports: “Officers attended and arrested a man, aged 21, on suspicion of criminal damage. He has since been released under investigation. A woman, aged 27, was also arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and bailed.”

Acorn has been involved in a number of protests outside and inside agency offices in recent years, and have also protested outside the homes of some landlords in different parts of the country.

You can see a report earlier this week on sister publication Landlord Today - here - revealing how an anarchist group has recommended involvement in protests at agency offices and the infiltration of tenant groups. 

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    So Acorn will just get their wrists slapped. How about a nice big fine for a breach of coronavirus regulations?

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    • 05 March 2021 09:44 AM

    Police should fine them. We are in national lockdown and these filthy low class vermin are protesting.


    It's quite shocking that the vermin in the property, as depicted in the Oxford Mail article, are barely mentioned while this comment feels that calling tenants and protesters 'vermin' is acceptable in this day and age. Appalling language.

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    Looks like the protest was legal, why fine Acorn for keeping to the rules? Strong language like vermin has been used in the past to invite assaults, I surprised that this is permitted here.

    Are you aware that the protests were about consistent failure to deal with rats in a family home?


    Don't care what the protests were about. "members of the so-called renters’ union Acorn attempted to gain entry" deserves a big fine and yes they are vermin. The staff do not deserve this treatment. There are LEGAL methods to deal with a problem that is allegedly being ignored by an agent.


    How was it legal? We are in a National lockdown, while they social distanced and had suitable numbers they are not key workers nor is this essential travel. Fine then all for breaching Covid laws

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    The agency locked their doors and Acorn trapped in the window. No criminal damage was attempted and this arrest will go nowhere.

    Look up the Streisand Effect - it's better to deal with the underlying cause rather than draw attention to the protest.

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    *tapped on the window, obvs

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    They would only be protesting the once some of the landlords I know

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    Yeah, some people resort to threats and violence. It won't work.


    Tell that to your bully mates in Acorn.


    What, Coming round to people’s workplaces as well as their homes intimidating. It will all end in their tears. Matter of time

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    When polite requests have failed to get repairs and rats sorted out, going to the office seems reasonable to me. Why aren't you condemning the agency and landlord?


    Perhaps because we, unlike you, want to hear the agent's and landlord's version before rushing to condemn.

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    Yup, heard both sides now.

    What about the rats?

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    WARNING: Today a former colleague of mine was contacted by some little SH1T, you know who you are, complaining about my posts on here. What a snivelling piece of vermin they are and it shows exactly the type of people agents and landlords have to deal with.

    They actually admitted to spening time Googling for me and, presumably calling the wrong people. Perhaps they should spend the time getting a job instead of living off the public purse!

    As for the above comment "What about the rats" well, my former colleague dealt with one today!

  • James B

    If these unemployed morons spent as much time looking for work and getting an income other that from the tax payer they may not be tenants forever ... let this be a lesson to their army of the great unwashed that they may get a criminal record


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