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Pets Petition: Bid to remove rental sector restrictions on pets

A petition has been launched on the Channel Island of Jersey to prevent agents and landlords banning pets from the local private rental sector.

The petition - which now has around 500 signatures and runs until early February next year - is to the local parliament, known at the States.

It says: “Pet owners face the reality that their family could be torn apart because most landlords in Jersey have unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership. As an island of animal lovers, how can we allow this situation to continue? This is discrimination, pure and simple. The law must change.”


The local parliament’s online petition system is similar in principle to that run by the Westminster parliament. If the petition secures 1,000 signatures, a States minister will respond; if it secures 5,000 signatures, the petition will be considered for debate in the States Assembly.


Last month the States passed legislation to remove a loophole from local legislation which effectively allowed landlords to discriminate against families by not allowing children to move into certain properties. 

You can see the pets petition here.

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    Increase the rent. Surely if they can afford a pet, they can pay higher rent.

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    Its nationalising private property by stealth.

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    Once again those who are not landlords seek to tell landlords how to run their business.

    I actually am in favour of pets where appropriate but saying no to pets is no moe discriminatory than saying no to someone who hasn’t got a quid to scratch their *** with.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    More often than not these 'issues' are written in to the Head Lease of apartments and therefore can't be worked around.


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