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Bills Included - most tenants want all-inclusive charges

A survey over 2,400 tenants has found that 55 per cent would prefer to have their utility bills included within the price of their rent. 

What’s more, 44 per cent say they would be more likely to rent a property if bills were included versus a property that didn’t.

In addition 41 per cent claim to find the task of organising and paying their utility bills stressful. 


However an analysis of the rental stock available on Zoopla as of late last week found that just 12 per cent of those listed across England offer the draw of bills included within the asking rent. 

In the south east of England that figure drops to just nine per cent.

Sam Reynolds, chief executive of Zero Deposit - the firm which commissioned the study - says: “Tenants across the nation are struggling with rental affordability at present and this struggle isn’t refined to asking rents and rental deposits alone. 

“Once they have managed to secure a rental home of their own, they are facing a sharp increase in the monthly cost of their utilities as well. 

“But it’s not just the cost that can be a daunting prospect, understanding their utility bills and juggling their finances to ensure they are paying the right people at the right time is also a factor.“

  • James B

    These nonsense surveys just get worse, I’m sure if you asked the same amount of homeowners they would like their bills included, of course, tenants would like to run a muck with usage and not have to think about it


    Just think, no condensation with the heating on 24/7.

  • jeremy clarke

    A further survey of the same 2,400 tenants discovered that 99.9% would prefer that all groceries, fuel and gym memberships were free! Who comes up with these crazy surveys, perhaps they could get a job working in government?!

  • David Fulcher

    Assuming landlords would agree to supply this service and given the billing companies make so little money some recently went bankrupt, would we be restricted by the Ofgem price cap in some way? I can't see landlords taking on risk and extra work voluntarily for free. So you could take the average energy estimate for the property type, add 30% because the tenants now no longer care how much they use, add 10% service charge and add the whole lot to the rent. With a monthly fair usage policy excess charge. And annual adjustments on top of the rent revue. See what percentage take that deal rather than paying complicated bills.

  • icon

    Oh diddums, they find organising and paying bills stressful? Guess what, so does every other adult on the planet! Just because you rent does not mean you get to abdicate all adult responsibility! What's next, because it is a 'family' home they want free child-care, dog-walking and vet bills paid too?


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