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Everything Lettings was established in 2012. With the sole intention of providing a very simple solution to planned and emergency maintenance issues for our industry.

As Managing Directors of Everything Lettings I have now amassed over 14 years of valuable experience within the property Industry .

Roy Fuller

Roy initially started his career in 2000 when he opened an estate agency as a joint venture with an insurance company. From there, he went on to build a successful career in outsourced panel management property services solutions which eventually led to the creation of Everything Lettings.

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Is it a luxury or does it provide peace of mind?

28 July 2015 996 Views

Is it a luxury or does it provide peace of mind?

Roy Fuller Managing Director at Everything Lettings says: By having in place an Out Of Hours help line such as we provide at Everything Lettings, you have the luxury that you can leave the office safe in the knowledge important clients like your Landlords and tenants are looked after. What’s more, you will have peace of mind that you will never miss a potential emergency situation at one of your properties ever again.

Now, is that a luxury……. Well the definition of luxury is a good service that is not considered a necessity but is considered as something that brings satisfaction. For example, a business might have in place expensive services because of the status of the business, though a cheaper option service would suffice for business purposes. However, at first you may think of something as a luxury and then later find out that it was more essential than you previously thought

Does it really bring peace of mind……the definition of peace of mind is to be free of worries, we often use this phrase as we know our service will give you "peace of mind" free you of worrying about your properties and tenants outside of your office hours.  

Our service works by answering calls your company receives outside of your normal working hours, including if you request it those all import new tenants looking for properties or new Landlords enquiring about your services. Regardless of the type of call, a friendly, experienced and professional call handler will direct the call to the relevant outcome including passing on new enquiries directly to the intended recipient.

At Everything Lettings we will respond to calls based on your exact requirements and we will not attend to any situation you do not want us too, what’s more we handle all calls professionally and sensitively. This ensures that your exact requirements are met in full and the more important business of keeping your Landlords and tenants happy is achieved.

Everything Lettings out of hour’s service is most beneficial to those seeking an emergency property maintenance 24/7 response line, this then deals with situations that you’re Landlords and tenants may need help with in unsociable hours. The advantage of using Everything Lettings for these calls is that your company becomes known for its impressive customer care and immediate responses.

We therefore believe this makes us an ideal partner for those companies wanting a dedicated and trustworthy system. In case of an emergency or just for someone for your tenants to call and take advice on general maintenance issues when your offices are closed.

We will let you decide if this is a luxury, or if it will actually bring you peace of mind?

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