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Everything Lettings

Everything Lettings was established in 2012. With the sole intention of providing a very simple solution to planned and emergency maintenance issues for our industry.

As Managing Directors of Everything Lettings I have now amassed over 14 years of valuable experience within the property Industry .

Roy Fuller

Roy initially started his career in 2000 when he opened an estate agency as a joint venture with an insurance company. From there, he went on to build a successful career in outsourced panel management property services solutions which eventually led to the creation of Everything Lettings.

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You could save Landlords money with our Emergency Assist cover

13 August 2015 3200 Views

You could save Landlords money with our Emergency Assist cover

No one likes to be called and told, your boiler has broken down or a burst pipe has caused damage to your property and unfortunately you have a big repair bill to pay?

Just wouldn’t it be nice to receive a call that says your boiler has broken down or a burst pipe has caused damage to your property but as you have emergency assist do not have a big repair bill to pay?

Our clients and property managers have opted to have properties signed up to our  emergency cover plan so they don't mind making these calls to landlords as our plan ensures there's no big unexpected invoice making sure they can receive calls like the above.

Roy Fuller, owner at Everything Lettings' , says being able to make these calls is reality for our clients "Our emergency assist comes at a very modest price considering we cover each callout for up to £500 and put no limit on the number of genuine claims* This allows for Landlords to budget for such an expense and in some cases you can even use your own or your landlords local or approved contractors to carry out repairs, as we also know this is great advantage for landlords and in turn our clients: *terms and conditions apply* Yes that’s right… we are able to panel the work back to yours or your landlords local contractors, so your relationship with them does not fall short.  

On average the cost of an Emergency or Out Of Hours call out is around £200 per single problem, so if more than one issue is reported per year your Landlords could be looking at a repair bill of almost £500. With labour, parts VAT and out of hour’s call-out charges, it soon adds up and can spiral out of control.

There's no way of telling how many times an emergency situation may happen at a property, like a  boiler that might break down  - especially an older boiler that's not been cared for. Or a burst pipe, leaking shower tray or bath trap but it’s better to be covered that not.

Working with Everything Lettings, yours and you landlord’s local contractors and being able to budget for repairs has been the most successful way forward for our clients on their managed properties over the last 4 years.

Everything Lettings – not only provides the rental industry with property maintenance plans, , Out of hours and daytime emergency maintenance cover , it also provides gas safety inspections, gas safety and combined servicing programmes, EPCs, electrical wiring reports and PAT testing.

We are always happy to hear from new clients wishing to improve the services they provide, so please feel free to speak with us via the below.
Everything Lettings - Tel 0844 272 2442 Roy Fuller Mobile -07970 840561
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