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Are you offering the very best service you can for your Landlords and tenants?

25 June 2015 3697 Views
Are you offering the very best service you can for your Landlords and tenants?

In today’s highly competitive market place, no company can afford to miss a business opportunity.

Roy Fuller Managing Director at Everything Lettings says: By employing an Out Of Hours help line such as we provide at Everything Lettings, you can increase your consistency of service to important clients like your Landlords and tenants. Additionally, by having an Out Of Hours help line offers you the support and reassurance that you will never miss a potential emergency situation at one of your properties ever again.

Our emergency helpline service works by answering every incoming call your company receives outside of your normal working hours, including those all import new tenants looking for properties or new Landlords enquiring about your services. Regardless of the type of call, a friendly, experienced and professional call handler will direct the call to the relevant outcome including passing on new enquiries directly to the intended recipient.

“We outsourced the out of hours call handling as we needed to be able to provide a round the clock, consistent assistance for our tenants across our region. Everything Lettings provided us with a professional and very pro-active service, it was easy to set up and we have found them very easy to work with “

At Everything Lettings we will respond to calls based on your exact requirements and we will not attend to any properties you do not want us too, what’s more we handle all calls professionally and sensitively. This ensures that your exact requirements are met in full and the more important business of keeping your Landlords and tenants happy is achieved.

Everything Lettings out of hour’s service is most beneficial to those seeking an emergency property maintenance 24/7 response line, this then deals with situations that you’re Landlords and tenants may need help with in unsociable hours. The advantage of using Everything Lettings for these calls is that your company becomes known for its impressive customer care and immediate responses.

Having a help line in place means this can also be used to support your new business needs. We can provide a dedicated phone number which contacts can call to request a viewing, a brochure or any other information. Their details are stored and sent via MP3 recording to your dedicated contact for future use and any bookings or viewings can be dealt as soon as your offices re-open.

We therefore believe this makes us an ideal partner for those companies wanting a dedicated and trustworthy system. In case of an emergency or just for someone for your tenants to call and take advice on maintenance issues, Everything Lettings can seamlessly manage your communications to ensure you never miss a call, even in the most difficult of situations.

Additionally, with many Landlords and tenants now operating internationally and traveling outside of the UK, it is much more difficult to sustain contact with you in normal working hours. An out of hour’s helpline such as ours can provide a constant line of communication with any of your Landlords or tenants while working or living away.

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