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Everything Lettings limited, we really do provide what it says on the tin.

13 May 2015 3379 Views
Everything Lettings limited, we really do provide what it says on the tin.

Like our: 24 Hour Emergency telephone answer service for your landlords and tenants.

Letting agents and portfolio managers are increasingly being asked to promising a duty of care to all their clients; a duty of care that extends into a 24/7 service. Everything Lettings can help facilitate these after-sales services through a dedicated 24/7 emergency helpline for customers requiring a direct response to repair a genuine emergency maintenance requests or provide assistance over the phone to elevate an issue until the next working day.

At Everything Lettings all phone lines are manned by our fully trained operators who provide a sympathetic and helpful response to any client emergency and will locate a qualified engineer to deal with the situation within your pre agreed and authorised Service Levels.

With Everything Lettings 24/7 emergency helpline, companies that have staff members on mobile phone cover for emergency situations, can simply divert to us so we can separate emergency calls from general calls and escalate, where necessary, then pass on none emergency calls to the company representative the following working day. No calls go unanswered and messages are sent to you via email as MP3 recordings or written replies.

What’s more for all emergency calls that come through to our helpline, we will record the issue and the tenant’s location to make sure you have asked us to provide cover for the property, if the property is pre authorsied and the issue a genuine emergency we only then allocate the engineer. This service offers a more reliable system than staff mobile phone rotes or local contractors taking calls making your company appear responsive and professional at all times.

Everything Lettings 24/7 emergency helpline service is popular with lettings agents, portfolio managers, concierge services or general companies who have to fix faults at residential accommodation, where a company has a duty of care to respond to an emergency.

5 key reasons to use Everything Lettings 24/7 emergency helpline service

•    Improve your customer service levels at minimal cost and without disruption to existing employees
•    Gain a reputation as a company that is dedicated to customer care
•    Greater customer satisfaction due to instant responses to emergencies and issues
•    Avoidance of nuisance calls and unnecessary midnight wake up calls for your staff or appointed contractors
•    Guaranteed adherence to customer service level agreements

2 Key reasons for why we should answer your phones out of hours  

•    To act as a 24 hour emergency call-out line for urgent maintenance requests – emergency helpline
•    To provide 24/7 follow up support and customer care to your clients at all times

6 benefits of having 24/7 emergency cover

•    An improved reputation by resolving customer issues and repairs 24/7
•    A quicker and more efficient response to emergency calls
•    A reliable and convenient out of hours call system – no need to divert calls to staff mobile phones
•    Increased customer satisfaction levels as calls are answered around the clock
•    A professional and responsive company image
•    An improved service when trying to gain new instructions and portfolios

Why not speak to a member of our staff, look at what we offer and if needs be trial our services before full implementation.    

Everything Lettings - Tel 0844 272 2442 Roy Fuller Mobile -07970 840561
E: roy@everything-lettings.co.uk  
W: www.everything-lettings.co.uk



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