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To Let boards restricted in size, number and location by local council

A city council has introduced highly specific guidelines as to the number, size and positioning of To Let boards following apparent complaints from the public.

Gwynedd council in Wales has agreed that the guidelines for the city of Bangor should be voluntary but with the possibility that they will become compulsory if they do not result in a drop in the number and impact of signs in the period after the restrictions come into force in early 2019. 

Specifically the restrictions say that:


- only one To Let board be permitted per building, even if the building has been converted into flats;

- any board should be mounted flush to the wall above the building’s front door;

- no part of the board be permitted higher than the first floor window sill level;

- each board to have a white background and conform to the 34cm x 48cm dimensions;

- only one company logo permitted per board and that it should be no bigger than a third of the overall sign;

- no more than one board per agent or company per street;

- boards to be removed within 14 days of granting tenancy;

- and, because it’s in Wales, all signs to be “encouraged” to be bilingual.

The authority claims there have been concerns raised by local residents and councillors about the number of boards in some areas of the city. 

A statement from the council says: “Concerns had been raised that the very high number of signs was having a negative visual impact on Bangor, as well as affecting the image of the city as a place to live, work and study.”

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, deputy leader of the council, says the restrictions have come about following an extensive consultation.

“It’s pleasing that landlords, letting agencies and others have been prepared to discuss and to consider how to tackle the issue for the benefit of the image of the city of Bangor. Over the years, the increase of To Let signs has expanded across the city and has been a cause for concern in terms of the visual amenities of the area. But by working together, the number of signs seen in Bangor has reduced significantly over recent months” he says.

“The criteria being set forward provides a very reasonable code and I am confident that the arrangements will improve the visual environment of the city. I am also very pleased that we are using this opportunity to encourage letting companies to ensure that any sign they choose to display is bilingual and that there is a prominent place for the Welsh language on any advertising material of this type.

“Our hope is that introducing this new code and implementing this reasonable system will improve the visual environment of Bangor without having to take more formal action.”

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  • icon

    Let me get this straight. The council want boards to be 14 inches by 19 inches and the logo can cover no more than a third of the board. They also want the boards to be bi lingual?

    Are they going to issue free binoculars to all prospective tenants so that they can see which properties are for let?

    Who are these people who are offended by ''To Let' boards anyway?

  • S l
    • S l
    • 22 October 2018 10:57 AM

    Those who dont like others making money when they dont. those who are jealous that others work hard to get a 2nd property to let to help household income when tax are high and jobs are low and hard to come by especially for those non white non english residents.

  • icon

    Boards are not needed, All properties for rent or coming up to rent even up to a year in advance are on line. Forget boards waste of money.

    S l
    • S l
    • 22 October 2018 22:43 PM

    good old fashion board still bring huge the interest especially when people drive past or buses go by. not everyone go online or looking until they see the board.

  • James Robinson

    Count yourselves lucky, estate agent's boards have been banned altogether in Kensington and Chelsea since 1995.


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